Separating Hype and Reality – Companies Moving Downtown

I’m curious.

I’ve had some people show up in my inbox or on my phone wanting to chat about companies moving downtown.

It could be that their company has already announced a move downtown, or that their company already has moved downtown, or that they’ve heard through the grapevine that it’s coming…

…and they’re not all happy about it.

Now, we all want downtown to thrive and be successful…but there are real impacts on people’s lives when these things take place.  Sure, companies get tax breaks and incentives to make the move…but employees can wind up with added drive times, additional taxes, more traffic headaches, parking problems, and a whole host of other issues that they have to deal with, not “the company”.  Driving downtown wasn’t in the mix when you took the job, and that may be a game-changer for some people.  All of the media hype and hoopla always trumpet the positives…but I haven’t seen too many talk about this aspect yet.

NOTE: I’m being completely agnostic about this…I don’t know that I really have an opinion about it just yet (honestly because I haven’t really thought it through all that much), but based on the increasing commentary that I’ve been pulled into on the subject, I wanted to gather some feedback…

…and I didn’t want to do it on LinkedIn, because that’s hardly anonymous, and I don’t want you putting your name on a (potentially) negative sentiment about your company unless you really choose to do so.

So, to foster feedback…it’s here on our site.  No names, no LinkedIn profile, no other people in the company that can see how you voted or anything like that.

So give us your thoughts.