Great Event Last Night…And How Do You Pick Your Favorite Child?

We had a great event last night at the BlackFinn.

As always, thanks to the staff there at the ‘Finn for having us, and most importantly thanks to everyone from the group who made it out.  There were a lot of new faces there last night making their first appearance at an event, and that’s always really great to see…if for no other reason than it keeps us from getting cocky, since it turns out there are plenty of people out there who haven’t heard about us yet.  And I’ll get to that more in a moment.

Sure, it got a little warmer as the night wore on…but everyone stayed in great spirits and seemed to be having a really good time with the conversations and chats taking place, and the connections getting made.

I did have someone ask me an interesting question, too…

…about halfway through the night, one of the recruiters said “Your latest post was seriously awesome…but I have to ask…which is your favorite?  Which one do you think is the best of them all?”

Huh.  Good question.

Have to admit, I’m stumped.  Each one of these entries is almost like a child to me in some way…they’re all based on real life events and situations, and so there’s a little piece of me (I’m sure Bob feels the same way…I’m just keeping this in line with the chat last night) that goes into every article I write.  But how do you pick a “favorite”?  Each one is unique and has its own special qualities and meaning.  Some are written as a way to purge the venom from our system.  Some aren’t really technically “Don’t Be That Guy” entries, but still serve a purpose and desired impact.

Did you know that we’ve got them broken down into categories?  Sitting out there we’ve got:

Don’t Be That Guy – all of the DBTG entries

For Job Seekers – things that were written specifically to help job seekers

For Recruiters – things that were written specifically to help recruiters

Networking Basics – entries that cover some of the “essentials” of networking and what takes place at our events.

Random Thoughts – entries that aren’t necessarily Don’t Be That Guy material, but are still worth a read.

Things We Hate – this is where the venom lives…reserved for the ones that really get under our skin.

There’s overlap between the various groups – some entries didn’t fit “cleanly” into just one category, and so there’s some natural duplication between groupings.

But it did make me think…if I had to sit down and pick a “best of” list…what would be on it?

So I started thinking…and then I thought a little more…and then I realized that I’d open this up for discussion.  What’s your favorite thing we’ve written?

Hop into the LinkedIn group and discuss.

…and while you’re thinking about that, help solve the “people that haven’t heard about us yet” problem.  Get our there and like us on Facebook at and spread the word.  Follow us on twitter @ITintheD.  RSVP as “attending” or “interested” for our August networking event at Penny Black in Rochester or the September Pink Slip Party. Or, here’s an even better idea – tell someone in person.

We’re not going to be satisfied until everyone in the area knows about us…so you might as well help us now before we have to get creative…