Securonix, Hatch Detroit In Studio Tonight, Career Academy Launch Announcement and More for 4/24/2017

It’s been a few weeks since we put one of these out, and so it’s time to play a little catch up with you all.  We’ve had several networking events happen, both in metro Detroit and Ann Arbor, with more coming up in May.  We’ve already done more live remote broadcasts this year than we did all of last year…and it’s only April, with Penguicon, Converge, MMC/MCRCon, the Detroit Music Awards, Motor City Comic Con, and good lord it’s never going to end.  We’re insanely excited that our Career Academy program is finally launched and getting off the ground starting in Flint, we have blog entries for you, and a whole bunch of other stuff to play catch up on, so here we go…

Like we always do, let’s start off with our upcoming in-person networking events.

Don’t forget we’re doing two a month these days, one in Ann Arbor the first Tuesday of the month, and then the ones we’ve been doing forever in metro Detroit on the third Thursday of the month.

Our first event in May will be on Tuesday the 2nd, and it will be at Conor O’Neill’s in Ann Arbor.  Had a great first event there a couple of months ago, and really looking forward to being back there again.

The second will be on Thursday the 18th, and we’ll be heading back downtown to Nancy Whiskey to soak in the history and have another great event there.

Both events start at 5pm, no cover charges, no speakers, no crazy people trying to sell you fruit baskets or manage your 401k…just great networking with some of the best and brightest folks in the information technology community.

As always, details on this and all of our events can be found on our Facebook page, in our Meetup group, or here on our website

We’ll be talking about all of that and more during tonight’s episode 193 of the IT in the D podcast from our Podcast Detroit studios in Royal Oak.

We’ll be joined by Securonix to talk about the latest trends in security and what they bring to the table that can make your, and your company’s, life easier.

We’ve also got returning guest Vittoria to talk about this year’s Hatch Detroit competition and everything else she’s got going on.

And of course we’ll be talking about the career academy launch, but you can read some details here:

The mics go live at 9pm, so grab the Podcast Detroit app – – and tune in to studio 1 to hear all of the fun.

On the blogs front, here are a few you may have missed that have bubbled up recently…

Penguicon is this weekend, so you might want to read Bob’s take and then my take to know what you can expect as a first timer.

Recruiters, don’t be this guy:

Never, ever be the Walking Dead at our events:

…or The Fly:

Not all of our shows go flawlessly…for instance, there’s one out there that’s shorter than the others, and that’s because of The Vanishing:

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That’s all for this time.  See you in-person at our events in the coming weeks, and listen live tonight!


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