Episode 185: Detroit Labs, Detroit Hispanic Development Corp, iOS Development and Podcasts


For episode 185 of the IT in the D podcast from the Podcast Detroit studios, we talked about the new apprentice class Detroit Labs has and the other things they’ve got going on, what the Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation does and offers in Southwest Detroit, what it’s like to be an iOS developer, and why so many tech podcasts are just painful to listen to…

Detroit Labs is at: https://www.detroitlabs.com/

Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation is at: http://www.dhdc1.org/

Keep an eye out for Anne’s podcast…we’ll get the word out about it once it launches!

Host Gator’s 60% off offer is at http://www.HostGator.com/ITintheD

Fellowes shredders are at http://www.Fellowes.com

Bombas socks is at http://www.Bombas.com/IT/

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