IT in the D: Ann Arbor Crew, Blue Chip In Studio Tonight, Live Remote This Weekend, Event Updates and More for 2/20/2017

Tonight we’re joined by the crew helping us fire up the Ann Arbor chapter of IT in the D and running events out there, as well as Blue Chip talking recruiting and what they’ve got going on these days.  We had a great event last week at Hamlin Corner, and we’ve got two events coming up in short order, including that first event in Ann Arbor in a long time and the first Pink Slip Party of 2017.  We’re also going to be out live this weekend at the Great Lakes Comic Con with the Podcast Detroit setup and cast of characters doing live broadcasts and stalking guests like we always do…

So let’s start with our events.

First up, we’ve got our Ann Arbor group getting things rolling on Tuesday, March 7th over at Conor O’Neill’s for one of our casual networking socials.

Hang out, get to know people, have a drink, chat, and most importantly network with some of the best people in the area.  We’re really happy to be getting back to Ann Arbor, so this should be a good thing.

The following week, we’ve got our first Pink Slip Party of 2017 taking place downtown at the Majestic Theater on Thursday, March 16th.

We still have one more sponsor slot open if you want to get your company in front of a ton of people in the best possible manner.  These events have had more than a 1,000 people at them in the past – all metro Detroit, all in and around the information technology community here in the area, and all people you probably want to meet and get to know.  Check out the details here:

As always, details on this and all of our events can be found on our Facebook page, in our Meetup group, or here on our website

Of course we’ll be talking about all of that and more tonight during episode 184 of the IT in the D podcast from the Podcast Detroit studios.

Tonight we’re being joined by Emily, Randy, and Spencer, the folks getting our Ann Arbor chapter off the ground and running.  Expect a (mostly) friendly on-air grilling as we make sure one last time that they’re really ready to be “us” out in the wild.  We’ve also got Steve from Blue Chip Talent hopping behind a mic to talk about what they see in the market, and what they have in the hopper that you should know about.

The mics go live at 9pm, so grab the Podcast Detroit app – – and tune in to studio 1 to hear all of the fun.

In case you missed last week’s episode with Dataspeed, the Great Lakes Comic Con, and ERC, you can catch that at

…and speaking of the Great Lakes Comic Con, we’ll be there Friday and Saturday this weekend.  We’ve got quite a few of the Podcast Detroit shows coming out there with us, and we’ll be going live numerous times throughout the weekend for our usual fun and excitement.  Check their site out at and then come join us!

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That’s all for this time.  See you in-person at our event next week, and listen live tonight!


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