Visit Detroit, Jonezie In Studio, Event at Nancy Whiskey Thursday and More for 1/16/2017

It’s almost time for our first casual networking event of 2017 downtown at Nancy Whiskey this Thursday night, we’ve got some great guests joining us in studio tonight for episode 179 of our weekly live podcast from our Podcast Detroit studios, our downtown studio is rolling right along for our business clients, rumor has it we’re about to double down on events, a friend of ours has a kickstarter you should check out, and all in all it’s been about as crazy of a start to 2017 as we figured it would be…

But before we dive into all of that, let’s talk about our first casual networking social event for 2017.  This Thursday at Nancy Whiskey downtown, we’re bringing you to one of the oldest continuously active bars in Detroit.  It’s got a rich history and lot of character, and those of you who have never been before may find yourself coming back over and over again to hang…

…or maybe that’s just us, but we doubt it.

So join us this Thursday night and come check out this great place.

As always, details on this and all of our events can be found on our Facebook page, in our Meetup group, or here on our website

And keep an eye on that events page…it looks like we’re going to be doubling our event capacity starting in March, as we’ve found some like-minded people who want to roll with an Ann Arbor branch of what we do and how we do things.

You’ll hear all about that and more tonight during episode 179 of our podcast.

We’re being joined by Dan from Visit Detroit to talk about everything going on downtown these days, including the auto show of course, as well as the crew behind Jonezie, a very cool app straight from the “sharing economy” that we keep talking about that can certainly help on those weekend projects and even while entertaining.  Definitely some good guests with a lot to talk through, we’re looking forward to it.

The mics go live at 9pm, so grab the Podcast Detroit app – – and tune in to studio 1 to hear all of the fun.

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That’s all for this time.  See you in-person at our event Thursday, and listen live tonight!


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