Episode 174: The Charity Segment

We don’t often break out our episodes into individual segments…in fact, we haven’t done that in almost two years now.  However, the stories and messages that came through during our conversation with Michael last night about the charity that we’re working with for Thursday night’s events are extremely powerful, woefully undiscussed, and need to be brought to light.  Please donate in advance at http://ubmwarren.org/peacehouse

xmasevent2016The really big push for the charity this year is running a house that provides a temporary home for women and children in dire situations – victims of domestic abuse that are kicked out of their homes, or escape from the situation, and need someplace to go. Cash donations are going to be especially appreciated and put to good use by the group, though of course they’re still doing the toy drive as well – they’re just looking to do more for those in need, and we definitely want to support them. If you want to make a cash donation in advance, you can do so at http://ubmwarren.org/peacehouse

Here’s the kicker to make it more “real” for you – their average operational budget is $33 per day. You can sponsor a day at this home for people in dire situations…for $33. You can even pick a date, and do it in memory of someone, or for a particular reason, and have that noted as well. $33, folks. That’s all it takes to keep people off the streets for one night. Do it.

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