Episode 142: William Davis (X-Files), OST USA, Local Apparel, Daniel Phillips, Alloy Ash

When the Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files says he wants to be on your show, you make room to have him on your show.  Episode 142 of our weekly live podcast broadcast was a little bit disjointed as we made room for several guests from the upcoming Motor City Comic Con in addition to our scheduled guests from OST USA and Local Apparel as actor William B Davis, special effects and makeup artist Daniel Phillips, and Alloy Ash…who’s both a model and a welder if you can just let that sink in for a moment.  Plus we talked all of the chaos and mayhem from this past weekend’s Penguicon event where, ahem, we won the award for best overall room party…


We didn’t really have time to get into a lot of stories, as William B Davis, aka “Cigarette Smoking Man” from the X-Files series was ready and waiting for us right out of the gate.  So we chatted with him a bit about the X-Files (naturally), but also the rest of his career, his autobiography that he’ll have with him at the upcoming Motor City Comic Con event, and more.

Fascinating conversation, and definitely a really cool way to kick off the show.

bparryFor the rest of the first segment, we talked Penguicon.  This past weekend was the 14th year of the event, and our 2nd year attending.

To say that if you weren’t there you really missed out on something awesome really doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface.

Bob and I participated in a number of panels.  From “The 10 Commandments of Networking” and “10 Commandments of Job Search” that you regular site visitors are likely familiar with to “The Art of Retro Gamers” where we discussed growing up with arcade games and the first consoles, the ever-popular “Flirting for Geeks” panel where we talked how to handle and manage interactions, the “Intro to Podcasting” panel where we talked all things podcasting from recording at home to studios and networks, and then a panel with a whole bunch of other online personalities where we discussed why we do what we do, our favorite and least favorite episodes.

20160501_001617And the room parties…oh my, the room parties.

Folks, we had dancing dinosaurs in our room.  We had pirates.  We had vampires.  There was a dance-off.  We burned through four kegs, twenty-four bottles of vodka, multiple 30 packs of PBR, a few bottles of Jaeger along the way to winning “best overall room party” with our 80s theme.  Bob kicked out an amazing playlist of tunes, and we did what we do best: get people drinking and having a great time.

Huge shout out and thank you to the entire Penguicon staff, roster of volunteers, and of course all of the attendees.  We can’t wait for next year’s event April 28-30…which oh, you can already register for: https://registration.penguicon.org/

IMG_20160502_215219A quick break, and we dove in with OST USA.  Open Systems Technologies is a repeat guest on the show, and is a company offering services ranging from enterprise technology implementations, cloud services, business transformation consulting and much, much more to a wide and varied client base spanning just about any industry you can think of.

Listen in, and hear how they just might be able to help you and your company as well.

13124974_703688846440291_6201659451875475558_nThen Daniel Phillips (no relation) called in.  He’s a practical effects make up artist right here locally, and he does some outstanding work.  Some of which you may have seen during the show Face Off, or in the Hobbit films.

He’s a great guy doing a lot of great work, including training interns to carry on the craft…which is so cool to see in a world where many things are done by computer generated effects.  Check him out at http://dpmakeupstudio.net/

IMG_20160502_215420Next up, we chatted with Local Apparel USA.

They provide a wide range of clothing featuring the word “local”, your city or location, and then occupations, sayings, or just about anything you want to put on them.

Best of all, they’re a locally owned and operated company, and everything they produce is manufactured in the United States.  Can’t ask for anything better than that.

Give them a look at https://localapparel.com/

1146423987Our final guest was also from the upcoming Motor City Comic Con event, Alloy Ash.  Alloy is a professional alt print model, welder and television guest.  Featured on over 24 publications including covers of multiple magazines such as Bound by Ink and Vouge magazine. Television guest on National Geographic’s “mad scientists” and Discovery channels “Fast N Loud”.

You can catch her at https://www.facebook.com/AlloyAsh

Our final segment was a little shorter than normal, given all of the guests on the show, but we still managed to hit on a few stories, events and items from the week that caught our eye.

OST USA can be found at: http://www.ostusa.com/

Local Apparel can be found at: https://localapparel.com/

William B Davis is at: http://www.williambdavis.com/

Daniel Phillips is at: http://dpmakeupstudio.net/

Alloy Ash can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/AlloyAsh

Penguicon is at: https://2016.penguicon.org/

Motor City Comic Con is coming up quickly, and can be found at: http://motorcitycomiccon.com/

Our podcaster meetup this Thursday is at: https://www.facebook.com/events/794028940729613/


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