Stuff for 5/5/2011

Yeah, I know – I’m getting lazy and basically just phoning in titles these days.  It happens.

Hope everyone had a great #starwarsday yesterday…and yes, you non-Star Wars geeks, thank you for indulging those of us that are with all of our “May the Fourth be with you” cracks and comments.  But beware of tomorrow…for it is the Revenge of the Sixth!

Ha ha, I know – “nerd”.  I’ll stop now.

Anyway, we’ve got an event in two weeks, some jobs, a couple of great discussions going on in the LinkedIn group, there’s a pretty cool event in June going on for folks involved or interested in cloud development…

Let’s start with our next event…

Back room.  BlackFinn.  Royal Oak.  May 19th.  5:01pm.  Be there.  Details are available:

On LinkedIn:

On our site:

You can check out the details on that Cloud event (as well as the nifty discount setup for members by the fine Detroit Java Users Group folks) over at

In case you missed our “Getting Back To Basics” note from last week, you might want to go read it here:

Don’t Be That Guy: Oily Weasel Guy has gone live out at

Jobs?  There are over three pages worth sitting in the LinkedIn group at

And while you’re in there looking at jobs, you might want to check out some of the fairly interesting conversations going on about job growth, taking a McJob, apps that help you find cheap gas, LinkedIn mistakes you’re probably making, and a few others.

That’s all.  Nice and short and sweet this time.  Look forward to seeing you all on the 19th for a good old fashioned casual networking event – no name tags, no badges, no weasels, just people you actually want to meet and have conversations with.  Oh, and “beer”.  Don’t forget “beer”.  Or other drinks.  It’s an amazing concept.
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