Falling Down Beer Co, Batch Brewing Co, New Mind Group In Studio Tonight

March is almost coming to a close, which brings us closer to our April casual networking social, we’ve got some pretty fun guests joining us tonight in-studio as our friends from Falling Down Beer Company join us along with Batch Brewing Company to talk about a collaboration they’ve been working on and are announcing tonight, as well as New Mind Group to talk about everything they’ve got going on.  Naturally, we’ve also got some blog entries for you to read, the usual memes and fun on our Facebook page, you should plan on joining us at Falling Down on Saturday for their anniversary party, and more…

EventNewspaper_Apr2016As always, we start with our next upcoming in-person networking event.  After a great event last Thursday at the Majestic, we’re heading back to our home base of the back room of the Blackfinn in Royal Oak on Thursday, April 21st.  5:01pm start time, no agendas, no sales pitches, just some networking with some of the best folks here in the metro Detroit area’s information technology community.

Details can be found here on the site – http://www.itinthed.com/meet/, on our Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/ITinTheD, or in our Meetup group – http://www.meetup.com/ITintheD/

ITintheDnewspaper03282016Of course that’ll be one of the topics during our live broadcast tonight.

For episode 137, we’re joined by our good friends from Falling Down Beer Company, coming in to talk about a collaboration and special thing they’ve got going on with Batch Brewing Company…who will also be in-studio with us to join in on the chat.  We’re really looking forward to having them in and checking out their announcement right along with the rest of you.  Also joining us will be New Mind Group, a managed services firm, to discuss what they’ve got going on and what they’ve got to offer.

PD_mic_Twitter_500x500Listen live to hear it all…and as mentioned up above, you’d do well to grab the Podcast Detroit app for Android or iOS and listen that way.  You can find those apps here: http://www.podcastdetroit.com/how-to-listen/  The app was just recently updated to make finding out information about new shows, as well as catching show archives, a lot easier.

You should also plan on joining us this Saturday at Falling Down Beer Company for their 3rd anniversary celebration.  Details are at https://www.facebook.com/events/1729982403884749/

You can also catch any of our episodes you may have missed over at http://www.itinthed.com/listen/it-in-the-d-show-archives/, including last week’s with the Agile and Beyond conference and Next Home Metro, which is also over at http://www.itinthed.com/18486/episode-136-agile-and-beyond-next-home-metro/

On the blogs front…

melYou know about the 10 Commandments of Networking, but have you ever read the 10 Commandments of Job Search over at http://www.itinthed.com/7256/the-10-commandments-of-job-search/

LinkedIn is an important tool in your professional career, so you should really try to not suck at using it: http://www.itinthed.com/2684/how-not-to-suck-at-linkedin/

Yeah, we saw it. Yeah, we'll be talking about it.
Yeah, we saw it. Yeah, we’ll be talking about it.

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That’s all for this time.  See you in a couple weeks, and listen live tonight!


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