REMINDER: Pink Slip Party Event Tomorrow (Thursday) Night!

Hey folks – reminder that our Pink Slip Party event at The Majestic is taking place tomorrow night starting at 5pm.  It’s completely free to attend (there’s no cover charge), whether you’re coming to hire, get hired, or just to meet some of the best and brightest folks here in the metro Detroit Information Technology community.  Recruiters, please remember to shoot an email to by end of day today with your company name, the name(s) of any recruiter(s) attending, and we’ll make sure a badge is waiting for you at the door…

EventNewspaper_MarPSP2016Unlike most “job fairs” where the event seems to resemble that of a cattle call (and is often at a boring venue), the IT in the D Pink Slip Party uses their casual networking principles to bring a casual, get-to-know-you mingling environment which has proven to be very successful, with roughly 2,000 people finding jobs because of these events.

It is 100% free to attend for both job seekers and recruiters. However, guarded parking at the Majestic is $5.  Pizzas from Sgt Pepperoni’s will be brought in to provide food, a DJ will be spinning some great background music, and a few special guests will be showing up to keep the crowd smiling and have a few photo ops.

Details can be found here on the site –, on our Facebook page –, or in our Meetup group –

It’s important to note that the IT in the D Pink Slip Party is only open to those in and around the IT industry.

“Please do not bring your resume to this event, even though it is a job fair. Simply bring business cards and have a solid message. We are all about getting things done at this event so don’t expect any speakers, any fashion shows or multi-level marketers,” said co-found Dave Phillips, who has been featured in various media outlets as well as CNN / Money for “Getting Pros Back to Work.”

The IT in the D Pink Slip Party is great for job seekers, but also those looking to hire people. Hiring managers and recruiting managers have shared that their time to hire has been reduced up to 20x by simply meeting three to four experienced professionals at an event, interviewing 2-3 of those and hiring one instead of posting a job online, getting 900-1000 resumes and having to filter through them all. Also, job seekers get actual face time with said hiring managers and recruiters and the ability to truly make a good “first impression,” instead of getting a postcard with a URL from an intern.

Recruiters and hiring managers will have lanyards while job seekers and networkers will have a simply name badge.

More information, FAQs and pictures from prior events can be found at

About IT in the D
Founded in 2001, IT in the D’s mission has been to create a venue for Information Technology professionals in Metro Detroit to offer a safe and agenda-free networking venue. The group added a CBS award-winning blog, a #1 ranked podcast showcasing local tech news, start-ups and banter that has been listened to over 20 million times, as well as numerous user-groups to help collaboration. More information can be found at

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