Don’t Be That Guy: Oily Weasel Guy

“If I show up at your door, chances are you did something to bring me there.” – Martin Blank, Grosse Pointe Blank.

A little bit earlier, we mentioned that there were people that were begging to be called out as “That Guy”.

It’s time to get started.

And this one’s going to be extremely easy to write…because it almost writes itself, it’s so over the top.

It starts…with an email…

This is an email that just came in:

Subject: ITintheD

Contents of email: Hey dude, someone kicked me off the ITintheD group. You take things pretty serious I guess..

You might think that doesn’t give me much to work with…oh, but if you only knew…it’s so ridiculous that I’m not even going to bother responding to the email.  No, I’m going to post our “official” response here, because it’s time we start doing stuff like this again.

– Yep, we kicked you out of the group.  You’re not the first, you won’t be the last.  Take some measure of comfort in that.  The Great Purge of 2011 is upon us, and a pox be upon the houses of That Guy (“Those Guys”?  Whatever.) whom we’ve let slide for too long.

– Yep, we take certain things pretty seriously.  Not the group, and certainly not ourselves, but we take a few “core” concepts very seriously…and as you’re a long time violator of almost all of them, we’re kind of mad at ourselves that we didn’t give you the boot before now.  We should have kicked you out…

  1. …when you tried to join the group in the first place, just based on history…but we had hopes that the years might have mellowed you out.  Shame on us.
  2. …when we got complaints from almost every other recruiter that came to our events that you would hide your recruiter badge and pretend to be a job seeker as a way to try and figure out what they were working on.  Violation of: The 10 Commandments of Networking, specifically Thou Shalt Not Lie.
  3. …when we got complaints from several female attendees at our events that you were, and I quote, “that creepy guy”.  Blecch.  Violation of: Don’t Be That Guy – Creepy Guy.
  4. …when you decided to dive in with both feet with known spammers.  Violation of: almost every Networking 101 entry.
  5. …when you kept spamming us about getting our events at some Indian joint…and yeah, we called.  We asked.  We know what the score is there.  Violation of: Don’t Be That Guy – Crazy Dave’s House Of Deals.

There’s more…even though five should’ve been enough warning flags that we took action…but as we admitted, we’ve lost a bit of our edge.  Unfortunately for you, it came back just in time for this latest crap.

We’re warning you. We will be forced to thrash you.

The real kick in the balls…the last straw…the unwritten rule you just don’t break…is coming into our virtual living room and basically talking shit about us.  Did you learn nothing from watching Coming To America?  You don’t walk into a McDonald’s and start talking about the new McDowell’s that you’re opening down the street.  Really, dude…really?  You genuinely thought that was a good idea, and really thought that we’d just let it slide?

We’ve always been the first ones to say “if you don’t like what we do, or what any other group does…then start your own”.  However, that doesn’t mean that you should then feel free to come back and spam our group with whatever you’ve decided to roll with…especially given the history here. was built on the foundation of our networks.  Our time.  Our dedication.  That extended network obviously isn’t what you’re looking for…so go build something on your own using your own resources, not ours.

Welcome to the very short list of “Those Who Are Banned From”.  We don’t want you in our group, we don’t want you on our site, and we don’t want you at our events.  We’re not even bothering to call you out by name – like we’ve always said – if you read one of our entries and find yourself offended by it or worried that it’s about you…then think hard about that.  You know who you are.  You’ve never offered a value-add to anyone in attendance, and have just been a headache.  Consider this entry our version of Excedrin Migraine – go play with the spammers and scammers…”birds of a feather” and all that, right?


Until next time…