Calling All Recruiters: Pink Slip Party Next Week!

Okay, so I’ve been busy.  I freely admit it.  I have completely slacked off when it comes to getting things put together for next week’s Pink Slip Party over at the Post Bar in Novi.  Normally, by this time in the game, I’ve got 90% of the recruiters nagged into submission to tell me they’re coming…and this time, well, it just hasn’t happened.

I have some really great reasons though, most of which involve other things going on for our event that night, so let’s take a look at what’s happening so far…Before I dive in, the basics.  The details on the event can be found:

On our site:

On LinkedIn:

On Facebook:

On Meetup:

On Eventful:

On Eventbrite:

Now…we don’t ask much of you, we really don’t.  But now I’m going to ask something of you.  I would really appreciate it if:

  1. If you’re a job seeker planning on coming, get your resumes in to
  2. If you’re a recruiter planning on coming, let me know ASAP, preferably no later than the end of this week.
  3. Click on the Eventful link.  Help make it a “most popular” event.
  4. Since we’re dealing with a sponsor…we’d like some tangible “before” numbers – please use Eventbrite and pick up “tickets”.  Yes, “tickets” is in quotes – it’s still totally free to attend, we’d just like some idea of how many people are showing up so that we can plan effectively.

Yes, “sponsor”. has sent us some trinkets to hand out at the event (seriously…fuzzy dice…love it!), as well as having made it possible for us to get some munchies sprinkled around a bit.  Or maybe some drinks.  Those are still some of the details that are being finalized.  Hopefully this will evolve into a long-lasting relationship and partnership for our events, and we’ll be able to grow and have fun accordingly.

We’re also welcoming back the IT Section of the Michigan Bar Association to this year’s event.  It was a blast having them last year, and they thought so too.  So, if you’ve ever had a question that you’ve wanted to ask a lawyer…now would be a good time to do it since you can catch them over a drink instead of at hundreds of dollars per hour! (they love it when I say that.  really.)

Anyway…the moral of the story here is that our events at the Post Bar in Novi are always extremely well attended…and extremely productive.  With all of this in mind, we’re anticipating that next week’s event will be no different…and could well be our best attended event thus far.  So, get those resumes in the door…and recruiters, get yourself in my inbox and let me know you’re coming so we can have badges waiting for you when you get there.

Oh, and the playoff schedule is out for the Red Wings.  No game is scheduled for the 21st…and I think this is the first year we’ve had our April event that didn’t wind up being on a playoff game night.

That’s all for now…