Live Broadcast Tonight, Pink Slip Party Recap, Grubbable, STG, Podcast Detroit Updates and More for 9/21/2015

Well, we survived last week’s adventures with our show, a remote session at SecureWorld 2015, our Pink Slip Party on Thursday…and now it’s time for another week of fun. We’ve got our weekly live broadcast of our podcast tonight featuring a couple great guests, our October casual networking event is on the horizon and published out, and of course the usual round of blog entries, fun on our Facebook page and more…

12047161_613701305439046_2199274626895887464_nAs the dust settles from our Pink Slip Party event this past Thursday, we already have our eyes on our next casual networking event…and it should be a fun one.  We always see a bounce in new attendees after one of those larger events take place, and we’ve also partnered up with an organization to help make it even better than usual on top of that.

We’ll be at Firebird Tavern downtown on Thursday, October 15th starting at 5pm, just like always.  We’re taking over the upstairs area again, where there’s a phenomenal, dedicated bar and all sorts of other goodness to be had.

25The NewCo event will be going on that day, and our casual networking event will serve as the after party and networking event as theirs comes to a close.  If you’re not familiar with what NewCo is or what they do during their events, you should check them out at and plan on making a day of it if at all possible.

Details can be found here on the site –, on our Facebook page –, or in our Meetup group –

11145134_613534052122438_1233336078770989414_nAmong the many topics that we’ll be talking about with tonight’s guests on the weekly live broadcast of our podcast will naturally be the recap of our Pink Slip Party event this past Thursday night.

Hundreds and hundreds of people packed The Majestic for our latest event…we couldn’t have asked for a better turnout.  Over a hundred recruiters were present looking to fill more than a thousand jobs, and attendees ranged from entry level folks just looking to start their careers to experienced CIOs and CTOs looking for their next step…if you weren’t there, you absolutely missed out.  Don’t make that same mistake again, and we’ll see you in October.

Tonight for our podcast we’re joined by Systems Technology Group and

PD_mic_Twitter_500x500So…yeah.  It’s going to be a jam packed night.  Listen live to hear it all happen…and as mentioned up above, you’d do well to grab the Podcast Detroit app for Android or iOS and listen that way.  You can find those apps here:  As our network continues to grow, mature, and add new shows, we’ll be re-purposing the IT in the D stream and app space for a second Podcast Detroit broadcasting avenue, so you might as well start listening there now.

Mics go live at 9pm like always, so join us by listening live from 9pm to 11pm, and then hit us up by firing up Twitter and hitting @ITintheD during the show…and our phone line is up and operational as well.  We love audience participation, so come along and play with us!  Through the PD apps we just told you to get, you can interact with us via Facebook, Twitter, and even calling in.

You can catch last week’s episode over at

CPG8srDUcAE_Ql9We had a special one-off at Secure World 2015 last Wednesday, and you can listen to that at

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That’s all for this time.  Don’t forget to listen live tonight from 9pm until 11pm for episode 110, and we’ll see you in a few weeks for our October casual networking event!


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