Episode 105: Newmind Group, Bamboo Detroit, Pontiac Schools, Hackathons and More


Another week, another great episode full of conversations with guests doing great things in and around the metro Detroit area. This time we were joined by Bamboo Detroit to talk about their co-working space downtown and an impending expansion, Newmind Group to talk about an event in September that they’re putting on along with their core offerings, and Andrea from the Pontiac Public School District talking about technology in the world of public schools and her search for advice and help with a hackathon that she wants to pull together to help kids in the area…

pfhansenLike we always do, the first segment covered our upcoming events, local events around the area of note, and the news, items and stories that caught our eyes over the past week.  From the lawn mowing robot brought to you by the makes of the Roomba vacuum cleaner to the outstanding story of the troll on Target’s facebook page that destroyed people hilariously, the return of the Godfather theme as Bob vented about U-Verse and our new business venture for an extreme snow removal company since you can now buy flamethrowers on the cheap and more, we had a lot of fun topics.

Tonight also marked the first time we tried something new – we did the broadcast live through our own IT in the D stream while simulcasting through the Podcast Detroit stream.  It worked out really well, and so now there are more ways to listen live.

20150817_214051In segment two, we talked with Andrea Zellner, a teacher in the Pontiac Public School System that’s trying to figure her way around this whole “hackathon” concept in order to help out kids in the area.

We talked about tech in the public school systems, what kinds of information are available, and what sort of help she’s looking for.  If you’re interested in helping, touch base with her at alzellner AT gmail DOT com.

20150817_214044For segment three, we chatted with the folks from Newmind Group.  We covered their company’s offerings from a managed services perspective and what they’ve got going on there, but we mostly chatted about their upcoming Build IT Together event on September 10th.  It’s a little different than the events we do, in that there will be focused panel discussions during their morning events on a variety of topics as they move forward.  Check out Newmind Group at http://newmindgroup.com/ and the Build IT Together events at http://buildittogether.co/

20150817_214040Our fourth segment involved our old friends and repeat guests from Bamboo Detroit.  They’re awfully busy these days, as they’re preparing for a major expansion to a new location that will allow them to start offering a wide variety of new services like private offices and greatly increase their membership capacity.  Check them out and keep up to date with all of the goings on at http://bamboodetroit.com/

Again, the links for tonight’s guests are:

To chat about helping with the Pontiac Schools, hit alzellner AT gmail DOT com.

Newmind Group can be found at http://newmindgroup.com/

Build IT Together is at http://buildittogether.co/

Bamboo Detroit is at http://bamboodetroit.com/

Podcast Detroit: https://www.facebook.com/PodcastDetroit

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  1. […] Meanwhile, in Pontiac Schools, I work as a Tech Integration Specialist. My role is to help integrate technology into instruction and develop best practices with the use of technology with my teachers. As part of that goal, I was able to open a Technology Cafe: a drop-in Tech center where teachers can identify what they want to learn, work in a co-learning space on online modules, and get individualized attention when they get stuck. The model seems to be working and I am constantly thinking about how to improve. I also take the "Tech Cafe to go": heading out to buildings to meet with teachers at their lunch hours with a Menu of options of new things to learn and try. In addition, we are working to launch a Hackathon for our students and teachers in October. This is in the very early planning stages, but I was helped greatly by the good folks at IT in the D . Here I am on the podcast, getting ideas and asking for mentors to assist with this idea:http://www.itinthed.com/17630/episode-105-newmind-group-bamboo-detroit-pontiac-schools-hackathons/. […]

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