Episode 104: Online Tech, Andrea Kress, Windsor Comic Con, and More

Episode 104 is in the history books, and we had a pretty decent set of conversations with our guests for the night about everything from secure storage, cloud vs local hosting, the information technology job market here in the metro Detroit area and this weekend’s Windsor Comic Con happening across the river that you might want to check out…

20150810_202605From how deleting your browsing history can get you nailed with an obstruction of justice charge to the ridiculous scariness of people in Colorado dying from the plague…yes…that plague…and on out to Hawaii banning non-compete agreements for IT workers and the impending fight the fireworks retailers are gearing up for over Chinese lanterns of all things and more, our opening segment covered the news and stories of the week that caught our eye.  We also chatted a bit about our upcoming event next week at Hopcat, our Pink Slip Party event next month at the Majestic…so listen in to make sure you’re up to speed on everything going on.

IMG_20150810_212958otechOur second segment dove in with one of core sponsors, Online Tech.  We had Yan Ness and Mike Klein, the co-CEOs of the company.  Yes, co-CEOs, which is an interesting approach in and of itself, but just barely scratches the surface of what Online Tech has going on.  From their approach to securing your data to providing a ton of white papers and resources to help you have the conversations you need to have about data security in your own organization, their site is a treasure trove of information about what they do and the industry as a whole.  Check them out at http://www.onlinetech.com/

IMG_20150810_213035andreaIn our third segment, we got to chat with long-time member of our group, consistent attendee at our events, and one of the best recruiters we’ve built a relationship with over the years, Andrea Kress.  She’s with Lochbridge, one of the companies spun off of everything that went on with Compuware, so she’s been around the block a few times and has some great insights to offer.  We chatted about the job market here in the metro Detroit area, tips and tricks for you to keep in mind while you’re interviewing, what matters most to recruiters like her when it comes to evaluating candidates and more.  Check out Lochbridge at http://lochbridge.com/

location1-1024x683In our fourth and final segment, we took a call from one of the organizers of this weekend’s Windsor ComiCon.  With guests like Kevin Smith and a whole list of comic artists, film and tv guests, it’s definitely worth taking a look at if you’re looking to cross the border for a little fun this weekend.  Details can be found at http://windsorcomicon.com/

Then the usual banter and wrapping things up for the night, and episode 104 came to a close.

Again, you can find tonight’s guests at:

Online Tech: http://www.onlinetech.com/

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Windsor ComiCon: http://windsorcomicon.com/

Podcast Detroit: https://www.facebook.com/PodcastDetroit

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