Wait–I thought you guys didn’t do sign-in sheets?

We usually don’t.  However, we’re making an exception for the Pink Slip Parties, for several key reasons:

  • We would like to keep tabs on how many people show up for this event versus the guesstimating that we do for our other events.  We’re taking these seriously, because we know that you are.
  • We think it’s the best way to help (more on that momentarily).
  • We’re making it really easy.  All we really want to know is who you are, whether or not you’re looking for a job or you’re looking for people to hire, an email address, and whether or not you want your name and email address shared with the opposite group – i.e., if you’re a recruiter, do you want your contact details shared with job seekers, and if you’re looking for a job, do you want your contact information shared with recruiters.  If you say no, then your information goes no further.  If you say yes, great, we make sure that even if you don’t get the chance to talk with the right person that night, we ensure that your contact info winds up in the hands of the people that you want it to.  We are sticking with one basic rule though – nobody else gets your contact info.  We don’t put you on mailing lists.  We don’t add you into anything else.  Also, just because someone checks “recruiter” when they sign in doesn’t mean that they’ll automatically get a dump of everyone’s information either – we will personally ensure that we know each and every individual that receives these details on a personal basis.  While we realize that sounds like a “schtick”, it’s not – we don’t want our names sold or given to anyone randomly, and so we don’t do it to people that come to our events, either.  There are a number of recruiters from multiple companies that have been a part of making ITintheD.com successful and getting people working recently, and they will be the ones that you get directed to initially, just to make sure that we don’t make liars out of ourselves.