Episode 103: The Rack Show / VoxVii, Darton Group


No two ways about it, episode 103 of our live weekly podcast was a lot of fun.  With our guests from The Darton Group as well as VoxVii / The Rack Show, we had no shortage of laughter, fun, and even some interesting viewpoints on the metro Detroit information technology scene, the local employment market, what people might want/need to do a little more of during their job search and more.  More importantly, we managed to pull off our show even though we’d had a Podcast Detroit open house for several hours leading up to it…

11822382_592974274178416_4192339166057600518_nJust like we always do, our first segment dove into the events, news, and stories that caught our attention over the past week.

From the (in our opinion) whackjobs opening a storefront downtown to sell t-shirts for the unbelievable price range of $150-198 (no, that’s not a typo) to all of this week’s fun and excitement with the Windows 10 release, and then of course a touch on Jared from Subway’s scandal now involving a 16 year old girl and the sad reality of the report indicating that the University of Phoenix nationally has a 7.3% graduation rate…but a 19% student loan default rate…and it’s even worse than that here in the metro Detroit area…we had plenty of topics to keep us going through the first segment and doubling back in the fourth.  We also touched on our upcoming events at Hopcat and The Majestic Theater, Podcast Detroit going through a major growth spurt and the open house we’d held right before our show started and more.

IMG_20150803_205837bSegment two was all about the Darton Group (who graciously forgave yesterday’s typo), a company from down in Charlotte, North Carolina looking to expand their business here in the metro Detroit area.  Clint and Rochelle were great guests with a solid sense of humor…but also with a lot of business knowledge and a firm belief that networking is the way to go to find the right talent…so you know we like them a lot.  They also have some words of wisdom for you metro Detroit job seekers, so make sure you listen in, and check them out at http://dartongroup.com/

20150803_222312For our third segment, we hopped into chatting with Lucas and Corey, two thirds of the team behind VoxVii studios and The Rack Show.  We met these guys earlier in the year at the Midwest Media Expo, had a blast, have kept in touch, and it was time to have them in to talk about their video podcast, their intentions on getting back to “normal” podcasting, why you should check them out and more.  Always a lot of laughs with these guys…even if it did wind up resulting in a challenge for a tag team wrestling match throwdown to take place…   …so listen into the chat, and catch them at https://www.facebook.com/therackshow

Segment four, as always, was a wrap up of earlier topics and digging a little more into the week’s stories.  Photos from the night and more below.


Check out tonight’s guests:

The Darton Group: http://dartongroup.com/

VoxVii Studios: https://www.facebook.com/VoxVii

The Rack Show: https://www.facebook.com/therackshow

Podcast Detroit: https://www.facebook.com/PodcastDetroit

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