Episode 99: CBI (Creative Breakthroughs, Inc), E-nable, Maker Faire, Penguicon and More

We had some great guests in-studio with us for episode 99 of our weekly live podcast, with the conversation going from IT security and risk management all the way out to the maker-based economy, some cool charitable organizations you can get involved with to help others, and tons more.  Thanks to our guests Dan Gregory, Matt Thompson and Dave Glenn from CBI (Creative Breakthroughs Inc), as well as Daniel Dugan from E-Nable, for joining us and hanging out all night for the chats…

pup3Episode 99 was steeped in 1999-themed breaks and an intro, and thankfully that’s the last episode we’re doing this for and so we’ll be back to the semi-regular mayhem from back before episode 80 happened starting next week.  Once the intro wrapped, it was time to dive into the news, events and items that grabbed our attention over the past week.  The chaos on Reddit.  A guy who’s owned and used a domain for 16 years getting sued by a startup trying to claim infringement.  Our collective wondering why anyone does a Q&A session on Twitter since they never go well…and the recent ones with Bobby Jindal and the author of 50 Shades of Grey were no exceptions.  How we’re all idiots because some guy recording himself playing video games made over 7 million dollars last year.  Facebook’s social media experiment with the rainbow photo app.  A new 9% tax on streaming / cloud services…and what that might mean for Detroit.  All that and much, much more.

Dave (left) and Matt (right) from CBI

Big shout out to the folks at Ruppits for doing the puppets of us, by the way.  Go check them out at https://www.facebook.com/Ruppits

For our second segment, we dove in with CBI (Creative Breakthroughs, Inc).  CBI manages IT risk and ensures your data is secure, compliant, and available. No matter your industry, their Subject Matter Experts, tailored assessments and custom solutions help safeguard your organization’s information.  For more than 20 years, their customers have come to rely on CBI as their trusted advisor to meet their unique needs with solutions from the best professionals in the industry.  We covered a whole bunch of topics with them from recent hacks to their impending move downtown. Give it a listen, and check them out at https://www.cbihome.com/ They’re also hiring like mad, so check out their careers page at https://www.cbihome.com/careers

They’re also heavily involved with the upcoming Converge/BSides security conference downtown…and they announced a discount code that’ll get you in the door free while supplies last.

Use discount code CBICC2015GOLDSPONSORSHIP on the registration page at https://convergedet2015.busyconf.com/bookings/new

Dan from CBI (left) and Daniel Dugan (right)

Then we dove in with Daniel Dugan to talk about a whole bunch of topics.  E-nable, the place we met at Penguicon that does 3d printing of prosthetic limbs for children.  Detroit Maker Faire and all of the things you can expect to see at the Henry Ford.  The First Robotics group, and how they’re helping get kids engaged in advanced projects.

Needless to say, we had a lot of ground to cover and a whole bunch of interesting topics came up during the course of our chat.

Segment four was our usual wrap up segment, doubling back on a few things from earlier in the night, as well as a few other news items that we didn’t get to during the opening segment.

That’s all for this week.  Join us next week as we hit episode 100 and we’re joined by some old friends to sit around, reminisce, and have a good time talking smack about our first 100 attempts to be somewhat humorous and relevant…

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