Episode 94: Major General Amy Courter, Mack Avenue Media, Daily Detroit and More

The 90s continue as we hit episode 94 of our live weekly broadcast.

We were joined by Major General Amy Courter of Youngsoft (and, obviously, the military), Emily Alber of Mack Avenue Media, and Jeremiah from Daily Detroit.

A great show, filled with some good information, some laughs, and the usual mayhem you’ve come to expect…

94prepThe first segment, as always, kicked off with the week’s stories, news and events that happened to catch our eyes.

From the IRS hack that’s left hundreds of thousands of people vulnerable to people renting cars so they can be Uber drivers, out to the lady who dropped off an Apple 1 at a recycling center with clearly no clue what she had and the freaking rumors about a freaking remake of Big Trouble in Little China…

…yeah, that might have caused a rant.

CGdLk9dVAAA82zWIn our second segment, we dove in with repeat guest Major General Amy Courter, who in addition to her military experience is also a Senior Vice President at Youngsoft.  We talked about her work at Youngsoft, the markets that they play in, and the specialties that they’ve cut out for themselves…but we also talked about the challenges facing our military veterans when they return from deployment and the transition back into the workforce.  Definitely a lot of good thoughts and opinions in here.  You can catch Youngsoft’s job openings at http://www.youngsoft.com/careers

10525813_10152300781474094_4621400266022071945_nNext up, we spoke with Emily Alber of Mack Avenue Media.  She’s the fire behind a new social media consultancy that’s really taking off.  Her clients include a non-profit that’s helping youths downtown through boxing and tutoring (http://downtownyouthboxing.org/), a building that was once upon a time a pickle factory looking for new life as an event space like the art exhibit currently being hosted (http://www.dashboardcoop.org/detroitboomboom/) and others.  Go give her a like on Facebook over at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mack-Avenue-Media/686032238165255

CGdAbeKWwAA-W-ISegment four was a good chat, as always, with Jeremiah of Daily Detroit.  From the policy conference on Mackinac Island last week to some cool open data stuff happening downtown (that you’ll hear more about on our show next week), Jer’s always got his finger on the pulse of what’s going on around downtown, and Daily Detroit does a great job of covering what matters without the fluff and nonsense that so many other publications resort to these days…

…which is why he’s been on our show more than once or twice.

That’s all for this week.  Tune in tomorrow (Wednesday) night for a little live broadcast from our networking event at Stray Cat Lounge on the 2nd anniversary of our first show, and we’ll also be back live on Monday night with more guests and fun for your ears.

Again, you can find our guests at:

Youngsoft: http://www.youngsoft.com/careers

Mack Avenue Media: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mack-Avenue-Media/686032238165255

Daily Detroit: http://www.dailydetroit.com/

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