Do I need to bring a bunch of copies of my resume?


You might want to bring a couple, since there will always be people on hand that might want to take a look at it, or be willing to offer you some tips…but don’t plan on handing out copies of your resumes to recruiters that you meet.  Get some business cards made up – either at VistaPrint, OvernightPrints, Kinko’s, or on your home printer.  Basic contact info – who you are, what you do, phone and email.  That’ll help you far more than a resume at these.

More than anything else – remember, you’re coming here to be a face, not a file.  Have the conversation.  Make the connection.

All of the recruiters that will be in attendance will have business cards – make sure you get one.  If you want, follow up as soon as you get home that night or the next morning with an email containing your resume.  Remember to put a few details of your conversation in the email – reinforce the connection, and again: be a face, not a file.

More importantly – you don’t want to carry around a stack of your resumes all night, right?  Well, the recruiters don’t want to carry around a stack of everyone’s resume all night, either.