Pink Slip Party Updates, Last Call for Sponsors, Tonight’s Live Broadcast and More for 3/9/2015


We’re live with episode 82 of our weekly broadcast tonight, and wow do we have a lot to talk about.

We’ve got our Pink Slip Party event next Thursday, and today’s the last day if you want your company to be a sponsor and have a presence at it..  There are topics galore to rant about.  Our guests for tonight are going to be talking about their own events coming up that you’ll want to know about that they’re running, and we’ve even got a couple familiar names from our events showing up to chat as well.  We’ve got blog entries. There are jobs posted. We’re going to start doing multiple events per month beginning in April.  All sorts of fun on our Facebook page.  You ought to be following us on Twitter

…yeah, all kinds of things going on.  So let’s get to some details…

DSC_0004bAs always, we start with our event updates.

Our next event will be a Pink Slip Party event, taking place next Thursday, March 19th at The Majestic Theater.

If you’re not familiar with our Pink Slip Party events…you should be.  They’re on a whole different level from our casual networking social events like the one we had at Blackfinn last month.  Our PSP events see as many as a thousand people show up, including over a hundred and fifty recruiters, tons of people specifically looking for jobs, and a whole bunch of folks just looking to meet people in the industry and extend their professional networks.

There’s a whole lot more information over at, so go give that a read.

Today’s the last day to speak up if you want your company to be a sponsor with a solid physical presence at that event.  Details are located here:

Details on all of our events can be found here on the site –, on our Facebook page –, or in our Meetup group –

Here’s who has stepped up to be a sponsor so far:

ArrowLogo270Arrow Strategies is a nationwide leader in Talent Acquisition, securing and retaining the superior talent and delivering to our corporate clients the right candidates, for the right position, at the right time.  Find out more at

OpTech-logo-no-tagline-for-website-5OpTech is an award-winning Professional Services firm providing Information Technology, Engineering, Healthcare and Financial Services to Fortune 500 and Government clients. OpTech provides talent management and leading-edge business solutions that address the critical needs of our clients in the financial, manufacturing, healthcare, insurance, utilities, transportation, and government sectors.  Find out more at

New-Horizons-site-logoNew Horizons offers an extensive selection of vendor-authorized training and certifications for top technology providers, such as Adobe, Cisco, Citrix, Microsoft and VMware. In fact, we are Microsoft’s largest training provider—delivering more than 40% of all authorized MS training worldwide.  Find out more at

11044570_532741673535010_1027947061211563794_nYou’ll hear more about our Pink Slip Party during tonight’s live broadcast, for sure.

We’re being joined in-studio by the folks from the Midwest Media Expo that’ll be taking place at the beginning of April downtown at the RenCen Marriott.  We’ll also be talking a bit about the 313Dlove event happening on 3/13.  We’ve also got a a couple of our members joining us to chat about our those topics, our Pink Slip Party, and our usual round up of rants and raves from things that caught our eye over the past week.

Main_728x307_1_ListenSo join us by listening live from 9pm to 11pm, and then hit us up by calling 313.462.0107 or firing up Twitter and hitting @ITintheD during the show.  We love audience participation, so come along and play with us!  Not sure how to listen live?  We’ve got instructions for you over here:

ep81Missed any of our previous episodes?  We’ve got a page for that, too:, including last week’s episode at

As always, we’ve got some blog entries out here for you as well.

That note about sponsoring our Pink Slip Party is out at

General information and details about that event are out at

suck_lessA couple of good “How Not to Suck at…” entries bubbled up.

LinkedIn is always a good topic, and you can read that one over at

hntsintThere are few things worse than being across the desk from someone who sucks at interviewing people, and you don’t want to be that person so go read

Did you know that if you post a job on our site, it gets blasted out to our 13,000+ Twitter followers?  It’s free, and you should check that out at

All of our blog entries are in “Read”:

Information about our events are in “Meet”:

Info about our live broadcasts are in “Listen”:

You can post jobs and even share your resume with recruiters we approve of in “Work”:

Our media kit and information for sponsors can be found at

That’s all for this time.  Don’t forget to listen live tonight from 9pm until 11pm for episode 82, and we’ll see you next week at The Majestic for our Pink Slip Party event!


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