How did the previous Pink Slip Parties go?

Quite simply put, they went outstandingly well.  Channel 4 (NBC, showed up early at the May, 2009 event and did interviews with both us and job seekers, and then hung out for a while – you can see the video by clicking here.  More than 200 people submitted resumes ahead of time.  Over twenty recruiting firms showed up.  Hundreds of people looking for jobs arrived – both those that were already planning on coming, as well as those that had heard or seen about the event throughout the day from various outlets. For August, Channel 7 (ABC) showed up when the event was in full swing (still trying to hunt down a video capture…) and got some great shots of the crowd.  More than 50 recruiters showed up.  Over 300 people submitted their resumes in advance and got distributed out to recruiters.  October was even bigger, and our first event at the Post Bar in Novi.  January of 2010 went extremely well as we kicked off the year with a PSP to try and jumpstart things for people looking for work, and our most recent event in April of 2010 was…well, it was ridiculously successful.  By 4:30, a half hour before the event even started, there were 50 people there…with hundreds more to soon follow.  We had the most recruiters, most job seekers, most headhunters and HR personnel and hiring managers than we’ve ever had at an event to date, and the feedback from all of those groups was outstanding.  As we continued them through 2011, results kept rolling in and people kept having success with them.

Here’s some feedback that we got some folks that have attended our Pink Slip Party events:

“It’s a small world” – and makes it smaller, when it comes to job searches by actively helping people get connected with other people. It’s given networking a new name and a new face.

Kudos to Dave, Bob and Jeff for spending the time and energy in order to make this venture a success. And I’ll say it’s a success since I’ve landed a job through Dave helped me get connected with the right recruiters, and leads, and the rest is history!

– Meera S. (job seeker)

Thanks so much for hosting this event, I did attend and thought it was a great way to bring people together! I will definitely keep you informed as to any activity that it generates for me!

– Fran. D. (job seeker)

I thought the pink slip party was a great way to meet people. Whether they you were looking for a job or not. I have added the third Thursday of the month to my calendar for your future events.

– Mike S (job seeker)


Good Morning! The Silverdome is available for the next Pink Slip you throw. If you book it, they will come… What a turn out!! If only we could put half of them to work, a recruiter can dream… You have been very successful in reaching out and creating an environment where much is possible, Congrats!!

Time to breathe and relax for a few days…”

– Diane K (recruiter)

Most importantly, results prove everything.  We’ve always said that these events are useless if people don’t actually get jobs out of them, and we know that it’s happened because we’ve been kept in the loop by both job seekers and recruiters as people have found new jobs through us.  More than 350 people have found jobs through our events since that first Pink Slip Party, and we think that speaks volumes about “results”. With each passing day, more are in the final interview stages, and both recruiters and candidates have been pleased with the results so far.  We hope to see you at future events, and that you find them to be equally as successful.