Live Broadcast Tonight, Things Went Nuts, Upcoming Events, Career Advice and More for 1/19/2015

Forget Kim Kardashian…I think we accidentally broke the internet last week.

Or at least our site came close to breaking.  One of our posts trended worldwide, and whacky mayhem ensued…but more on that in a moment. We’ve got several entries for you to check out, we’ve got our live broadcast tonight with some great in-studio guests, we’re going to experiment and tweak the way we do events this year in an effort to make them more accessible, we’ve got the usual fun on our Facebook page, jobs and chats going on over in our LinkedIn group and more.

So let’s get to some details…

10384459_508902245918953_7295502220115026559_nLike we always do, let’s start with information about our events.

We’ve been listening to feedback from you, and so we’re going to make a change in how frequently we run events this year…at least for a little while, to experiment, see how things work, and to see if we’re doing the right thing with this tweak.

So here’s how this is going to work:

  • With the exception of March and September (our Pink Slip Party event months), we will be in the back room of the Blackfinn in Royal Oak every third Thursday.
  • During the first week of each month, we’ll be someplace else, bouncing around the metro Detroit area.  We’re just working on nailing down the details for the first one of these in February.

We’ll be updating our Facebook page, Meetup group and our Events page here on the site shortly with all of the details and scheduled events, so keep an eye on those.  For now, we know for sure we’ll be back at Blackfinn on Thursday, February 19th.

ITintheDnewspaper01192015We’ve got our live broadcast tonight.  Our guests are entrpreneur Bradley Hoos and Jimi Plouffe from Momentum.

We’ll likely kick things off by talking about the internet mayhem that happened over the blog about taking my daughter to a comic book store.  It apparently sparked conversations on numerous websites around the world (literally…we got feedback in Russian, German and several other languages), on Twitter, Facebook, and rapidly became the most read item we’ve ever published, with more than 120,000 unique page views in just a single day.  It also brought out the best…and the worst…that the internet has to offer.  So we’ll definitely talk about that, along with all of the stories that have caught our eye this past week, and then get our guests perspectives on launching and running businesses in the area and what they see in store.

So join us by listening live from 9pm to 11pm, and then hit us up by calling 313.462.0107 or firing up Twitter and hitting @ITintheD during the show.  We love audience participation, so come along and play with us!

Not sure how to listen live?  We’ve got instructions for you over here:  Missed any of our previous episodes?  We’ve got a page for that, too:

Last week’s episode talking about the Digital Divas, the MAT2 program, and a whole bunch more can be found at

On the blog entry front, we’ve got some fun ones for you.

gjrxnContinuing our “Career Lessons You May Have Missed From…” series, here’s what you missed from that epic comedy Caddyshack

Ever heard of an MBA Candidate?  And no, we’re not talking about a college degree here, we’re talking “Married But Available“.  Bet every recruiter out there has run into at least one over the years, and you may well have been on yourself.  Go read

comicshop1That blog about taking my daughter to a comic book store that went nuts?  It’s over at

One of our How Not To Suck entries bubbled back up, and it’s an important one, since it’s how not to suck at looking for a job.  Check that out at

Another important one for job seekers is The Recruiter Strikes Back 3, written by a recruiter who wanted to unload on a few of their least favorite candidate types:

Time is running out if you want to hit Apprend’s first class of the year! Check them out and go sign up at

All of our blog entries are in “Read”:

Information about our events are in “Meet”:

Info about our live broadcasts are in “Listen”:

That’s all for this time.  Don’t forget to listen live tonight from 9pm until 11pm for episode 75, and keep an eye out for those event updates as we get things solidified for the rest of this year.


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