Live Broadcast Tonight, Lessons from Scarface and More for 12/22/2014

The end of 2014 is in sight, but that doesn’t mean we’re taking it easy as we head into the final stretch.

We’ve got two more live broadcasts to go yet, including one tonight with some fun guests.  A few blog entries are out here for you to read.  Things are rapidly ramping up for next year to be our best year yet.

So here’s what we’ve got during the next week and a half…

lapcheersFirst off though, a quick note to you from us.

Wherever you are, whatever you happen to be celebrating, and whoever you happen to be with…cheers.

We appreciate the hell out of each and every one of you reading this.  2014 has been a great year, and we’ve done some very cool things…and we’re looking forward to 2015 being even bigger and better for us all.

So…cheers.  From us to you, and with the utmost sincerity.

10858493_494903963985448_2066523517840873781_nI’ve gotta tell you, our Facebook page cracks us up.  Not just because of the silly memes and stuff we post out there, but because trying to nail down what you’re interested in, what engages you…that’s almost impossible.

Emails to space with schematics for a 3rd printed wrench? A couple dozen likes and shares, decent engagement.  Free training class offers? Crickets.  Silly memes using Star Wars to mock the North Korea / Sony situation? Everyone goes nuts with it.  Seriously, cracks me up.  If you haven’t done so yet, go give us a like out at and check out all of the random nonsense we post.

image1We’re live tonight from 9pm to 11pm with our IT in the D broadcast, and you should absolutely turn in.  Not sure how to listen live?  We’ve got instructions for you over here:  Missed any of our previous episodes?  We’ve got a page for that, too:

Want to know a little more about our weekly show, what it’s all about and why we do it?  Read

Our last episode, episode 70 with Original Stix, Osirius Group and Destination Liberation is out at

apprendNext up, since it’s the giving season and all, back in Episode 66, we had Alan from Apprend in-studio with us.

He’s firing up Apprend, and their Intro To Programming class starts in January, and you can win a free seat. Go read all about that, and enter, here:

Blogs? Yep, we’ve got blog entries for you.

scflessonLet’s start off with a new type of article that we’re giving a shot, and that’s Five Career Lessons You Probably Missed While Watching Scarface.  Yes, Scarface, and yes, career lessons.  We’ve already got about a dozen of these rattling around in our heads, so chime in with a comment to let us know your thoughts.  It’s over at

groupthanksIn case you missed it, the recap from our last event of the year is out at

The Social Marketer Who Cried Wolf is out at

A short positive note we got from someone is out at

12211319-unprepared-college-graduatesThe BS Generator is over here.

The Unprepared Graduate is out at

All of our blog entries are in “Read”:

Information about our events are in “Meet”:

Info about our live broadcasts are in “Listen”:

That’s all for this time.  Don’t forget to listen live tonight from 9pm until 11pm for episode 71, the pre-Christmas edition of our show.


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