IT In The D – Episode 67: Internet Advisor, MITechNews, Charity Event & More

IT in the D, Episode 67.

As the dust begins to settle from last week’s fun and excitement, we had another great live broadcast.

Three outstanding guests to help close out the Home and Home series with the Internet Advisor show, some good tunes, a lot of laughs, and just a fun time overall.

Oh, and we even managed to sneak in some discussions about security, auditing, and the balance of those in the business world while Bob wasn’t paying attention…

IMG_1952Our first segment was all of the things you’d expect by now.

We talked about my appearance on Flashpoint this past Sunday, our event at Stray Cat Lounge last Thursday, stories and snippets from around the web that caught our eye, and of course our upcoming event with a charity component to it on Thursday, December 11th that you should plan on being at.

DecEventFlyerTestYou can read all about that event here:

For our second segment, we dove in with Mike Brennan from  Mike’s been covering the technology scene here in metro Detroit for quite some time, and he brings an amazing level of perspective and insight to the scene.

Of particular note to you, our readers, you’ll want to note that we’ve launched a “News” tab on our site that contains the latest information from Mike’s writing as well as a quick-links version of the same in our right-rail throughout the site.

You can check that out at

In our third segment, we chatted with Ryan Walther about the trials and tribulations of playing in the worlds if IT audit, security and compliance.  Sure, it’s the last thing that a lot of people want to think about, but it’s a crucial component to the day to day operations of nearly any company these days.  Good conversation and some interesting topics in the mix for those of you interested in the field.

Our final segment centered on Gary Baker from The Internet Advisor Show.  You may remember that we were back on their WJR show, and if you don’t, you can listen to that here:

And even though Gary really made us realize how little we’re actually doing (we kid…mostly…but seriously, they’ve done some cool things with their show), it was a pleasure having him on the air with us and talking through some of the things he’s seen and done in his various roles and endeavors around the area.

As always, the links for the topics we discussed…and those we didn’t get to…are down below.

You can find the Internet Advisor show at is at, well,

The Flashpoint episode is here:

Details about our December event can be found at

As always, we can be found:
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Mega malware:

Hey Buffalo – know what happens after mega snow? Flooding.

Google pulls “Ass Hunter” game from store:

“Honey, I swear…I didn’t create that dating profile…Facebook did it!”

Everything wrong with the internet is America’s fault:

Over 500 cases of cops using Stingray illegally come to light:

Development isn’t slow, your friggin’ processes are:

GENIUS! Amazon sellers scam Walmart into price-matching ridiculously low (and fake) prices:

Nielson to start tracking Amazon and Netflix streaming:

eCigs have malware? Great…





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