IT In The D – Episode 65: Social Coop Media, Biznet, Technical Glitches

IT in the D, Episode 65.

We managed to clean things up to the point where it’s a pretty solid episode with a lot of great information in it, so give it a listen as we’re joined by Billy Strawter of Social Coop Media and Kevin Krason of Biznet.

And look, let’s be right up front about what the live listeners already know – we had some serious technical difficulties throughout the broadcast and recording process this time around.  So, there are some jumps in conversation, some snippets that got missed here and there…but again, still a solid episode with a lot of good chats and solid information in here for you…


11042014Billy Strawter, Social Media Coop: We’ll help map your projects journey from creation to completion, through creative ideas, research and client collaboration.  No detail is too small when it comes to connecting with your audience. We’ll help you develop a roadmap for success. You’ll have a partner to help you execute your campaign and provide measurable results. See what services we use to get there.

Kevin Krason, Biznet: Biznet’s mission is to help growing companies use Internet technologies to prosper. We’ve spent the last 20 years perfecting our Internet expertise and adding only the best talent available. We specialize in Marketing Automation, Internet Marketing, Mobile and Web Development.

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Lucasfilm & Empire Brewing over “strikes bock” and copyright:

National Science Foundation spends over $919,000 in grants on tracking how memes spread:

Should the internet be classified as a utility?

Guy in Tacoma, Washington uses “open records act” to request names, addresses, and all sorts of other personal information about strippers in the area:

ReskillUSA says it takes only 3 months to go from beginner to coder capable of working on real projects:

Study finds no link between video games and violent behavior:

Why Taylor Swift pulled her catalog from Spotify:

Facebook’s new feed controls:

Home Depot hack nabs 53 million email addresses:

Will Verizon get sued over tracking users via persistent cookies?

MS Office bundling Dropbox, and free on iphone, ipad and android?

There’s a site where you can peep in through more than 73,000 unsecured video cameras around the world:

Facebook makes users too dumb to know what’s real and what’s a scam:

Zuckerberg says Facebook will be mostly video within 5 years:

Oh good…Big Data will tell your boss when you’re most likely to quit:

The DarkHotel hacks targeting executives when they travel abroad: