Live Broadcast Tonight, Coming Events, Link Change, Blogs and More for 11-10-2014

All kinds of things happening this week, folks.  We’ve got our live broadcast tonight with some awesome guests, some blog entries for you to read, a change to the link for our LinkedIn group you should be aware of, and some upcoming events you need to be aware of.

So let’s get started…

1075538_224435511088930_5866401663173497650_oOur next in-person networking event is Thursday, November 20th.

5pm start time, and we’re heading back over to the east side of town to Stray Cat Lounge.  If you didn’t make it to our event there earlier this year, you definitely missed out.  Dark wood. Great atmosphere. Extensive selection of Michigan made beers.  A hellacious martini selection.  Lots of great scotch.  Yeah, we’ll see you there.


Details can be found here on the site –, on our Facebook page –, or in our Meetup group –

10672184_10152432923233161_3478518842118786155_nHowever, we’ll be joining the Social Media Club of Detroit this Wednesday if you just can’t wait to see us.  This was originally going to happen a couple of months ago, but that was right in the middle of all of those crazy thunderstorms and flooding taking place, and so it got postponed.  Well, now we’re ready to tell you How Not To Suck at LinkedIn.  Want to know more?  Check out the event listing on Facebook: or Meetup:

11042014You can also find out more by listening to our live broadcast tonight.  Yes, each Monday night from 9pm to 11pm, we take over the Raw Radio X studio and with the help of some beer from Falling Down Beer Company, a guest or two with a story to share or something cool to talk about, and our own unique brand of chaos and mayhem, we spend two hours talking, playing 80s tunes and laughing.   Tonight we’re joined by repeat offender Billy Strawter of Social Coop Media (who may or may not be regretting asking Bob and I to speak on Wednesday night) to talk about the event Wednesday night and what he’s working on these days, and another guy we’ve known for years, Kevin Krason from Biznet, to talk about martketing, marketing automation, and all sorts of other fun.

Not sure how to listen live?  We’ve got instructions for you over here:  Missed any of our previous episodes?  We’ve got a page for that, too:

In particular, the last two times we were in the studio were a lot of fun.  A couple of weeks back we had Jack Olson in-studio along with Amanda Lewan of Michipreneur and Ebrahim Varachia of Patronicity.  You can read the full recap on that one here:

10730931_10152427443268199_3291090645644512342_nAnd then last week…well, we took Monday night off from doing a show, but then we were all bored and sitting around on Tuesday since the three of us had the day off…and by mid-morning the kids were driving us nuts since they had the day off from school.  We’d already voted.  We needed something to do.  So why not grab the kids, head down to Lafayette for some coneys, introduce the kids to the city, and then head on in to the studio and cut the kids loose on the air?

It was pretty awesome.  We got to be “the cool dads”…though it did backfire on us a bit as we’re all getting nagged on a daily basis by the kids about when they get to do that again…  Read the recap and listen over at

We’ve got some other stuff for you to read as well:

We couldn’t do half of what we do without our awesome sponsors.  Go check them out at

Want to know a little more about our weekly show, what it’s all about and why we do it?  Read

Dating, networking, job search and day to day career life have a lot in common…whether you realize it or not.  Check out The Dating Corollary: The Dry Spell over at

wantingA lesson from one of our first Pink Slip Party events – You Can’t Always Get What You Want – is out at

Be nice to everyone you meet, so that you don’t wind up being Rude To The Secretary Guy

jason-carves-horoWe haven’t run a Prune Your Network Day in a while.  We need to bring that back.  Read all about the idea at

Enjoy those, tune in live tonight, and then we’ll see you in next week at Stray Cat Lounge, or maybe even Wednesday night.

Finally, the link to our LinkedIn group has changed.  Please update your bookmarks accordingly to


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