Lies Job Seekers Tell, Lies Recruiters Tell

We’re working on something fun, and we want your input to make sure we get it right.

And funny.  We definitely want to be right…and funny.

So let’s hear ’em all.  What great lies have you heard in your career, from either side of the table…

LiesRecruiters, let’s hear all of those great excuses about why someone missed an interview, or failed a drug test, or couldn’t get a degree verified.

Job seekers, same thing.  That phone call you were supposed to get that never showed up?  That assessment test that was “just a formality”? Been bait and switched on a gig?

Let’s hear about them all.

Guidelines: keep it short and simple.  One liners, not long, drawn out stories.  If you have a longer story to tell, that’s fine…we may use it for something else down the road…but for right now, we’re looking for short and sweet to best make the cut into the final product.

Yes, we already have a list put together from our own experiences, but like I said, we want to make sure we do this right…and you, dear reader, have always been a great source of input as we do things like this.

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