IT In The D – Episode 61: Mobility, Mayhem, Mediation and Mischief

IT in the D, Episode 61…in which we discover more about connected cars and mobility standards with a repeat guest, and catch up with an old friend who’s a first timer.

Great talks, good times, and even a fifth segment.

Because we wanted to, that’s why.

So let’s find out what Elaina Farnsworth of Mobile Comply and Terry Bean had to say…

10062014bAs always, our first segment was, as always, a round up of news stories that caught our eye.  From keycards given to seven people that’ll reboot the internet to a school district getting rid of swingsets, from a dude killed over Facebook poking his friend’s wife out to the insidious evil that is most flashlight apps…good stuff you need to know.

The second segment was all about Elaina Farnsworth from Mobile Comply.  Elaina was on back in Episode 22 talking about the CompTIA Mobility+ certification, and a lot has happened since then so it was time for her to come back and chat some more.  We talked about connected cars, the liability and legal issues around them, and all sorts of other fun.  It’s always a good chat with Elaina, and it was great to have her back in.  Check out her company at

Segment three moved on to chat with Terry Bean about everything from TEDxDetroit to 313Dlove and things around the city.  We’ve known Terry for well over a decade, and there are some interesting things brewing behind the scenes (other than beer, for once) that might have us chatting more in the future.  Go ahead and check out what he’s got going on at

The 4th segment doubled back on earlier topics that we wanted to get into a little bit more, and then the 5th segment (yes, there was a fifth segment) wrapped things up for the night.

Thanks for listening, and tune in next week as we have Mark Larson from Falling Down Beer Company in along with some of his friends doing cool things with beer and more.

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– Where can we get our hands on one of these nifty keycards that’ll reboot the internet?

– Paying via Facebook Messenger?  Ummm…no thanks…

– Lawyers + lazy parents = kids can’t have swings any more.

– Pokes kill:

– That little flashlight app on your phone is doing more than helping you find your keys:

– AT&T gets hacked:

– You can be served legal papers via Facebook.  That’s certainly not going to cause problems…

– Why military folks make the best IT candidates:

– Microsoft’s “RoomAlive” uses kinect to turn your entire room into the video game

– The FCC really doesn’t give a damn what you think about Net Neutrality

– But the FCC *has* put the Comcast / Time Warner merger/buyout deal on hold

– The Navy is building swarming robots to take out enemy ships.

– You beta testing Windows 10? Surprise! It has a keylogger in it:

– One dude caused the whole “Facebook real name crackdown”. No really, one guy:

– Marriott gets hit with $600,000 fine for blocking external / guest WiFi and forcing people to use theirs:

– Google hit with $100MM lawsuit over Fappening photos

– Chemical in beer found to increase memory:

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