Another Great Pink Slip Party Event: The 9/18 Recap

Well, we survived.

Every six months, we wind up having the same panic attacks, the same freak outs, the same wondering what we’ve forgotten, the same crushing paranoia that nobody’s going to show up…

…and then the people show, the recruiters pick up their badges, everyone has a great time and we mellow out for another six months.

So let’s do a quick recap of last night’s event…

First and foremost, we have to give a huge “thank you” out to our sponsors.

We seriously couldn’t do stuff like last night’s event without them, so if you liked and appreciated our event, then you should like and appreciate the hell out of our sponsors by going to check them out:

IMG_20140918_154715_666Arrow Strategies is a staffing firm:

Brightwing is a staffing firm:

Logicalis is a managed services company located at

New Horizons offers training and certification courses:

Open Systems Technologies is a staffing firm:

Quantum is a storage services company:

Without them, we’d never be able to keep making these events bigger and better for you.

IMG_20140918_164023_990Then of course we had kegs from Falling Down Beer Company in the house, as well as bottles from Valentine Distilling.

You can find Falling Down Beer Company in Warren at 10 and Dequindre.  They’re on Facebook at

Valentine Distilling is located in Ferndale, and you can find out all about them at


And then, of course, there’s everyone who showed up.

And wow…did everyone show up.

We had our usual 5:30 freak out when we started wondering if there weren’t going to be enough people showing up, or if we lost people with the venue change, or if there was just too much going on during the week and people had burned out completely and weren’t going to anything…



Even with the expanded capacity with the move to the Majestic, we still had a packed house.

And a big old “thank you” to the Majestic as well.  From the event staff (thanks, Erin!) to the good folks at Sgt Pepperoni’s that brought over the food that everyone enjoyed to the staff at Majestic Cafe that housed the after-party hangout…just a great experience all around.  Based on the feedback we got, everyone else agrees, and so we’re definitely looking to have more events there in the future.

billNothing interesting happened at the Majestic Cafe after-party.  That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it.

But seriously…such a great turn out.

Dozens and dozens of recruiters.

Folks came out from the last Shifting Gears cohort that we spoke at.

drinks3People came from other training classes around the area to see what networking was all about and who IT in the D really is.

And, once again, the security guards that the venue has to have in place for liability purposes were bored out of their skulls even with a packed crowd.

So again, with all due seriousness…thank you.  Thank you everyone.  Recruiters, job seekers, folks who just came to build their network, people who popped by just to see what we were really all about, the Majestic staff…everyone.  Thank you.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday, October 16th in the back room of the Blackfinn in Royal Oak:

And don’t forget to listen live on Monday nights from 9pm to 11pm as we bring you cool stuff from around the area as well as news and information you need to know with our IT in the D live broadcasts: