SEO, IoT, PSP…It’s Alphabet Soup Day!

We’ve got our live broadcast tonight with some solid guests talking Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Internet of Things (IoT), and a whole bunch of other topics.

We had an outstanding event this past Thursday, and now all eyes and efforts turn to our Pink Slip Party (PSP) on Thursday, September 18th. We are just about sold out on sponsorship opportunities, so if you want your company to have a serious presence at this event, time is running out…and we’ve got several reasons why you and your company want to take this step.

We seem to have struck a nerve with a couple of our recent blog posts…but what else is new, right?  Right.

Let’s get to some details…

10443386_440024649473380_1284183470091796561_nFirst off, major kudos and thanks to our hosts at Ciccarelli’s 22 out in Auburn Hills for our event this past Thursday night.

A ton of flat screens everywhere.  Great drink prices.  Awesome staff.  Tasty food.  Plenty of room.

10632743_440049499470895_6963368167964313472_nBasically everything we could ever ask for in a venue.  Give ’em a like on Facebook out at, and if you’re ever out by the Palace, they’re a great place for lunch, dinner, drinks, or just about anything else.

Main_960x405_2_MeetAnd now all of our efforts focus in on next month’s Pink Slip Party event at The Majestic on Thursday, September 18th.  Let’s talk some facts and figures:

  • More than 1,000 people have found jobs through our events
  • Our recent Pink Slip Party events have each had more than 100 recruiters, human resources and people looking to hire, as well as more than 600 looking for jobs and to build their professional networks.
  • Sponsoring organizations at our event draw more traffic and get more engagement with those looking for a job since they setup a tabled presence and draw more attention.
  • We distribute the resumes received from job seekers out to all attending recruiters, but our sponsors get them ahead of the event.
  • It’s costing more, but we’re moving to The Majestic to improve the parking situation and make things as solid as possible for all of our attendees.
  • Once again, we’ll have a professional photographer on-hand…except this time we’ll also have a photo backdrop wall with the logos of all of our sponsors on it.

DSC_0088That last part is particularly important, because it puts a hard deadline on us to get that backdrop printed and ready to go for the event on the 18th.  So that means that the opportunity to sponsor this event and get your company’s name out there to an extremely targeted audience of your core demographic, you only have until Friday to check out our sponsor kit – – and get on board.

08252014That’s one of the topics that we’re sure to be talking about on tonight’s live broadcast.

We’re joined by Gregg Garrett of CGS Advisors – – and Tim Aten of GM, and they’ll be joining us to talk about everything from SEO to managing corporate growth and more.

Logicalis_LogoLogicalis has come on board as our first full sponsor.  We’re way happy to partner up with them to keep doing what we do, as well as helping to get the word out about who they are and what they do.  You can find out more about them here:, and expect to hear us talking about them on a regular basis.

Details are at, instructions on how to listen are at, and you can catch up on past episodes of our show at

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