Why You Need To Stop Using ZipRecruiter Immediately

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Sure, we’re a networking group, and so we have a certain bias towards people doing things in person.  But this one we think everyone needs to listen up on.

Sure, most of the recruiters we know don’t do this.  That doesn’t mean that there aren’t more and more out there doing it who need a reality check.

Because listen up, you “zippers” out there – what you’re really doing is alienating people…with the added bonus of clicking your way right out of a job…

zip3See, there’s a reason why we have a certain bias towards networking.  It’s because it builds something that can’t be replaced.  Your personal connections, your network…that’s something that makes you unique.

Honestly, you can teach anyone how to run a Vendor Management System.  You can train someone in your particular application that holds resumes.  You can have a green newbie comb through submissions and keyword match.

But you….the recruiter…you’re more than that.

You’re the gateway.

You’re the one who knows people.  You’re out there building relationships with the account managers and the people looking to hire.  You’ve got a network of people who might or might not even be looking for a job right now…but you’ve built a relationship with them, and so when you call, they’ll at least listen to what the gig is and who knows, you might get them to move.  If nothing else, you know that they can connect you with people who are looking, and you’re off to the races.

zip1At least that’s who you’re supposed to be.  And using ZipRecruiter not only shows that you’re the exact opposite of that, it also shows that you’re not very capable of looking down the road, either.

Because sure, it lets you post that job into all those job boards, and multiple groups on LinkedIn at the same time.  There’s another word for that – spamming.  Especially if you’re using LinkedIn as a professional tool, you should very much be aware of how easy it is to get flagged as inappropriate posting or spamming in any one group…which then puts you on lockdown and requiring moderation in every group that you’re in.  It only takes one cranky group admin or one of your competitors to start flagging your posts in a group and you’re going to wind up without a voice across the entire world of LinkedIn for a few weeks.

But wait, there’s more!

monkeyrecruiterYou’re also proving to your boss that you don’t have a network, that you don’t have any valuable connections, and that all your boss needs is someone who can click “next” on ZipRecruiter.  And so as the company sits down and looks at where the money is going, don’t be shocked when the line item that represents your salary and benefits starts looking a lot more able to be deleted…or at least reduced by bringing in someone who will take less money to click “next” on those ZipRecruiter postings.

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  1. Dan Arles says

    So true. ZipRecruiter is a joke. It’s like Recruiting for Dummies. And, lazy dummies at that.

  2. Deanna says

    The worst job search engine EVER!

  3. John Wayne says

    I have better results going directly to a company career website than working with a recruiter that goes through resumes like stockbrokers traded penny stocks in the 80s that only trade with the same small group of people! I have been hired more by recruiters I never met out of state than in my own state so how does networking really fulfill the need? It doesn’t! When you go to a restaurant or bar looking to hire a bartender do you make a conscious decision to meet every breathing human in the place that could possibly be a good fit or just the bartenders that work there? How do you not know that one of the patrons could actually be the perfect fit and you will never know that unless you do.
    LinkedIn is NOT the end all be all it is just a source like zip, dice, indeed, monster, ladders where you will find the same people a recruiter does. Since the Gov OPM site was hacked most people with clearances deleted most of their online presents in fear of security ID theft or some outside influence/bad actor If you have a cleared position available this group gets even smaller and many recruiters don’t know anything about the clearance process or how it impacted many people like myself because of it. I deleted my LinkedIn account after this happened and removed any trace of having a clearance on my resume so if your doing a keyword search you will never know just like anything else about the person.

  4. Ethan Hays says

    Sorry, but I vastly prefer Ziprecruiter to an actual recruiter.

    Do you have any idea how many times I have applied to a job through a recruiter that I match up perfectly for only to be told, “Sorry, but I’m not going to submit you; you’re just not what they are looking for?” Literally hundreds. Ask them to elaborate, and they will come up with the most ridiculous excuses imaginable (“You don’t have an Associate’s Degree,” when I have a B.S. instead was my favorite), or just not reply at all.

    In other words, they have a candidate already in mind, but have to post it so the employer sees it, and are filtering out any competition for their preferred person.

    Ziprecruiter goes right around all of that, and while I still don’t always get the job, I’m actually getting interviews, and have gotten a couple of positions, now. I was working retail and food service for 10 years, with a B.S., because of “traditional recruiters.”

    If you don’t like it, get your industry into shape, but you had better hurry because it’s probably already too late.

  5. Joshua says

    I’m a returning job seeker. I use to like Zip Recruiter but since the beginning of 2015, something happened and it’s been a pain in my neck for since then. Back in 2015, I had my password and log in available and punched it in correctly, but I can’t log into it. When the site claims my account is available and “says” they will send me an e-mail, they never do. For a frequent flyer, sometimes I think I am being blacklisted. Maybe it might have to do with my Gmail account. I’m going to try that, but honestly the system appears to have glitches when I log in.

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