IT In The D – Episode 53: Taco Bell Phones, Arcade Games, Random Fun

IT in the D, Episode 53.

This, dear readers and listeners, was a fun episode.

Huge thanks to our guests Paul from Core 3 Solutions, as well as recurring regulars Jeff and Jeremiah for hanging out with us for some great conversations, some left turns, and a whole lot of laughter and fun…

photo (3)Our first segment was all about news, events, and stories that are worth noting.  Sharknado 2.  Google getting someone arrested.  Our appearance on the Internet Advisor show on WJR.  Facebook Messenger and the insane terms of service for it.  Lots of interesting topics to kick around this week.

Then we dove in with Paul…but not about Core 3 Solutions.  No, first we needed to hear all about his adventures with the Taco Bell Phone, which we talked about way back in episode 35 if you want some background.  It was fun to hear about all of the stuff he went through, from the calls he received to what they wanted him to do and how things wrapped up…lots of laughs, and a great chat.

10516839_567442350033121_2397389873898096646_nIn our third segment, having satisfied our curiosity, we let him go ahead and talk about his company, Core 3 Solutions –  They do everything from web development to SEO, from managed infrastructure to remote help desk and more.  Great company, and it’s good to hear about someone growing and doing things right here in the area.  It also doesn’t hurt that his office is in a warehouse…and in that warehouse are the stand up, old school arcade games he collects.

Don’t think for a moment that we’re not planning a trip there.

To wrap things up, we doubled back on a few earlier topics, brought everyone into the mix to talk about things like the light rail project downtown – what’s good about it, what’s bad about it, and where things are likely going to go great…or horribly wrong.

Again, thanks to our guests Paul from Core 3 Solutions, as well as recurring regulars Jeff and Jeremiah for hanging out with us.

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We were on WJR on Saturday.  You can listen to that here:

Google finds child pr0n in a guy’s email account, alerts authorities:

Facebook is cramming Messenger down everyone’s throats…but you’d better take a close look at those Terms of Service:

The “hotel charges $500 for bad reviews” thing…they tried to claim it was a hoax, but turns out it’s real:

Google and the “Right to be Forgotten”:


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