IT In The D – Episode 52: Cheap Chimp and Re-Source Partners

IT in the D, Episode 52.

Another really fun night in-studio, and thankfully without most of the sound problems that have plagued our last few episodes.

We were joined in-studio by Ken Jones, the creator of the Cheap Chimp App that can help you save some money on things you like to do around the area, and also Matt Loria from Re-Source Partners to talk about how companies can save a ton of money by doing things right and using a little forward thinking.

As usual…

ep52…we started off with news stories that have caught our eye over the past week.

The new Mad Max trailer.  The new Wonder Woman in the Batman vs Superman movie.  Our rants about Slow Roll, 5Ks and protests.  The Southwest Airlines twitter debacle and more.

And then we dove in with our guests for some great conversations about what they’ve got going on.

The Cheap Chimp app can be found in your Apple and Android stores, but for more information, check them out on Facebook at

Re-Source Partners can be found at

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– New Mad Max trailer (on FB page)
– New Wonder Woman (on FB page)
– Star Wars comics coming out between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back (on FB page)
– Slow Roll, 5Ks, Protests (blog)
– Whiny dude tweets at Southwest about boarding experience, gets removed from plane:
– After a Google exec with local ties OD’s on heroin, expose comes out about the drug use culture of Silicon Valley companies:
– Recycling code sounds good…but it’s why 50% of the top Android apps leak data:,popular-android-apps-inherit-bugs-from-recycled-code.aspx
– Bose sues Beats by Dre (and therefore Apple) over noise-canceling patents:
– Comcast and other companies say they’re just afraid of NetFlix charging THEM:
– Russia offers 3.9 million rubles ($110,000) to anyone who can break TOR privacy and encryption to identify users:
– Two cities petition FCC to overrule state laws restricting locally controlled fiber:
– Half of people graduating with STEM degrees…don’t go into STEM fields:

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