Comic Con Revisited, PR, Demons, Maker Faire and More.

Tonight’s show should be a fun one.

Odds are better than even that you’ll get a good rant, some news and updates from around the web, and then some awesome chats with our solid guests for the night.  We’ll probably talk a bit about our over-the-top phenomenal event last week at Blackfinn as well.

So listen live from 9pm to 11pm and join in the conversation.

In the meantime, we’ve got some entries for you to read, you can go buy an IT in The D shirt, and it looks like we’re going to have some announcements to make in the near future with regards to sponsors coming on board.

And by popular demand…as well as our own rules…there’s an update to David vs Goliath in progress.

So let’s go ahead and get to some details…

???????????????????????????????As always, we lead off with our next in-person event.

Did you miss us this past Thursday night in Royal Oak?  Too bad, you missed a great one…but I’ll get to that in a moment.

Our next casual networking event will be on Thursday, August 21st at Ciccarelli’s in Auburn Hills.

That’s right, we’re heading a little bit more north this time.

All of the usual details apply.  5pm start time, and we’ll be there until at least 8pm or later.  No, there’s no cover charge to get in.  No, you don’t have to listen to a sales pitch.  Yes, you will find some of the best people in the metro Detroit information technology community hanging out.  No, you don’t have to be looking for a job or to hire someone to show up and chat with folks.

No cover charge to get in, no speakers, no agenda…just solid networking with some of the best and brightest folks in and around the metro Detroit information technology community.

Looking for updates on our events?  We’ve got a calendar here on the site at, and you can also keep up to speed on our Facebook page at, or in our Meetup group at

10491074_425267107615801_7798474098168039032_nOur last event this past Thursday back at our home base of Blackfinn in Royal Oak was outstanding.

A crowd full of top-notch candidates looking for new gigs.  Some great recruiters with jobs to discuss.  Good people in the industry just looking to meet others sharing common interests and goals.

Couldn’t have possibly asked for a better event.

DSC_0059Also on the events front, our next Pink Slip Party is just around the corner.  We’re changing locations this time around…moving on up, we think.  Taking things into the next step in the continual evolution of our events.  We’ve already had a few companies ask about sponsoring, and we’ve shared our sponsor kit with them, but there’s still time if you and your company are interested in getting engaged in what have become the place to be for recruiters and job seekers in the metro Detroit area.  Our past events have seen more than 150 recruiters and over 800 in total attendance.

We’re taking steps to make sure this next one’s going to be even better.  So check out our sponsor information page at and then let’s chat.

We’ve been asked a couple of dozen times by people wanting to buy IT in The D shirts, and so we caved.  You can buy one by clicking here.  You should totally do that.

Blogs?  Oh sure, we’ve got blogs.

baronvonshushThey’re oldies but goodies that have bubbled up.  The Free Beer Isn’t Cold Enough is a great look at something that tweaks us out on a regular basis…and even includes a rant in the style of A Few Good Men for good measure.  Check it out at  And then, just to prove that not all of our experiments are good ones, there’s Baron Von Shush over at

And then yes, an update to David vs Goliath is in the works.  We’ve said all along that we have a “Rule of Three” when it comes to That Guy.  The first time you do something, we write a generic, no-names-named blog about you. The second time you do it, we pull you aside and have a little conversation. The third time, we go ahead and go public and name names. In the history of our group, we’ve published almost 100 (98, to be exact) Don’t Be That Guy entries.  We’ve had a handful of those second-stage conversations.  We’ve never had to hit stage three.

10532376_426045864204592_3949146160893607719_nUntil now.  And so it’s in progress.

But until that gets wrapped up, there’s still our live broadcast tonight.  We’re joined in studio by some great guests to talk about what Public Relations is all about, a cool locally designed and created graphic novel, and we’ll even be getting into Maker Faire coming up this weekend.

Our last broadcast was been just simply packed with great information, a whole bunch of laughs, and some of the best guests we could ever ask for.


10532508_10152208681733199_4381549251730248354_nEpisode 50 was this past Monday night, and we had laughter. We had cookies. We had Freudian slips.  We had three amazing women in the studio with us doing a bunch of great things in and around the metro Detroit area.

Whether it’s getting women more involved in technology by teaching them how to code, or being on the other side of that pipeline and helping people get jobs, or even getting a collective of downtown businesses together to help increase their buying power and make it easier for them to be successful and survive, these three are doing some great stuff.

You can listen to that episode in full here:

7212014bDon’t forget, you can listen to ALL of the past episodes of our show on Soundcloud at  We’re also out on iTunes, Stitcher, and a bunch of other syndication points to make it easier for you to find us.  Need some details?  Our How To Listen page at will clue you in all the way.

The links for our LinkedIn group, Facebook, Twitter, etc., are all down below.  Click ’em and join, like or follow us as appropriate…and then listen live tonight for our next round of fun.


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