Great Show Lined Up Tonight – Listen Live!

We’re not doing our email blasts or anything just yet, but wanted to get a note out to remind you that you should absolutely listen live tonight.

Why tonight in particular?

Because the three of us are virtually guaranteed to get put in our place during this show at least once.  Probably more.  So the timing is just perfect, given that a nice article about us just came out today on Michipreneur.

We’re being joined in-studio by three ladies who are doing some really great things around the metro Detroit area, and they’ve got personalities as big as their hearts and ambitions…

So check out that article at and then listen live tonight starting at 9pm as we’re joined by Elyse Turner from Brightwing, Erika Carlson from Girl Develop It Detroit and Detroit Labs, and Kate Catlin from Assemble.  No, the photos below aren’t in any particular order, and yes, they randomize, so please don’t send in a note telling us that we did it wrong. 🙂

We’re live on tonight and every Monday night from 9pm to 11pm.

We even have a call in number – 313.462.0107 – so you can dial us up and ask questions, provide insights into what we’re discussing, or just join the chat for a moment.  You can also interact with us via Twitter at @ITinTheD

If you want to listen live, there are several ways you can do so:


If you just want to listen through your web browser, it’s pretty simple.

Open up a browser on any internet connected device (tablet, smart phone, laptop, whatever) and go to the Raw Radio X website at


Don’t want to use your browser?  No problem.  We’re on the Tune In Radio app as well.

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