IT In The D – Episode 49: Hatch Detroit, Bamboo Detroit, Hell Yeah Detroit, detroitDetroitDETROIT

IT in the D, Episode 49.

Or “Season 2, Episode 5” because no, we haven’t let that go yet.

We talked a lot about Detroit this episode.

A lot.  We also had some issues with the board running things, so the sound’s a little twitchy at times, but we’ve cleaned it up as solidly as we can.

Businesses in Detroit. Launching things in Detroit. Space planning in Detroit. Good things in Detroit. Bad things in Detroit. People inside Detroit. People outside of Detroit. All kinds of topics throughout the show with our guests from Hatch Detroit, Bamboo Detroit and Daily Detroit

ep49As always, our opening segment talked some news, some local events, some random stuff that caught our eye, and waded through the introductions for the evening.

This was one of those episodes where we kind of went all over the map, so if you’re looking for a specific segment to listen to in order to catch something…sorry, you’re just going to have to listen to it all to get the full impact of this one.

Our second segment started diving in with Vittoria from Hatch Detroit.  She’s a return guest, and we did things a little smarter this year.  Instead of waiting for them to be down to their four finalists, we thought it’d be a good idea to help get the word out before the doors closed on your opportunity to get $50,000 in funding, legal advice and marketing help on that business you want to open downtown.  They also work with neighborhoods and existing businesses, so there’s a ton of great information in here.

And then…somewhere in there…we started talking about Detroit in general.

The neighborhoods.  Zoning issues.  What should and shouldn’t be done with the area by the river.  Were the casinos a great idea or a horrible idea?  Can businesses inside Detroit successfully migrate to the suburbs…and vice versa?  What’s a pop-up?  Why do they happen?  Why are there always so many damned bicycles downtown these days?

So no, we didn’t really stick too well to “segment” format or even what one would call “focused”…but it was a great show full of awesome topics of conversation with some really sharp, passionate people.

Expect that to happen on a regular basis.

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Bamboo Detroit is a great co-working space downtown that you should absolutely keep an eye on to see what they’ve got going on:

– Daily Detroit, as always, can be found at  Their “burgers you have to try” list we were discussing is at




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