Stuff Got Real, Truth Got Told, Event Updates, a Packed Show Tonight and More

Soooooo….yeah.  How was your week?

We had kind of a rocky start to ours, but Thursday night’s event at The Daily Post was pretty solid, and we’re looking forward to next month’s at Blackfinn.  Major thanks to the new owners and the staff at The Daily Post.  Love the updates to the place, and it’s definitely a place we’ll be heading back to in the future.

Can’t even begin to describe how packed our show is tonight, so I would absolutely recommend listening live.  We have some really great guests joining us in-studio, and yeah, we’ve got a couple of things to talk about ourselves.

Reading material?  Oh yeah, we’ve got some of that for you, too.  And of course our LinkedIn group, our Facebook page, Twitter, Meetup, and all of the other fun stuff we have going on around the web…

IMG_20140417_183507_131Let’s go ahead and make the 800 pound elephant in the room wait for just a moment more, because we always talk about our next upcoming event to kick things off.

Thursday, July 17th.

Back at our home base in the back room of the Blackfinn in Royal Oak.

All of the usual details apply.

5pm start time, and we’ll be there until at least 8pm or later.

No cover charge to get in, no speakers, no agenda…just solid networking with some of the best and brightest folks in and around the metro Detroit information technology community.

Hope to see you there.

10491173_412483808894131_1114470367386692197_nThis past Thursday’s event at The Daily Post was solid.  Great turnout from all across the industry.  Some senior management, some folks just breaking into the field, designers, coders, recruiters, just about anything and everything we could have asked for.

Looking for updates on our events?  We’ve got a calendar here on the site at, and you can also keep up to speed on our Facebook page at, or in our Meetup group at

So about that elephant.

david_vs_goliath_color_comp_wip_by_nickhuddlestonartist-d68tsu1A lot of you probably remember that we were planning on putting together a conference a while ago, and then, rather suddenly, we called it off.  We never really got too deep into the hows, whys and wherefores of what happened…but rest assured, there was a hell of a good reason why.

In fact, there’s been a lot that’s gone on over the past year or so that it’s time you knew.  We’ve kept too much locked away, and one of the things that we’ve learned since publishing out this piece is that being quiet about it all made people second-guess us a bit, and that’s not good.

And so it’s all out there in the open now.  Recent events kinda forced our hand, and so it was time to turn over that rock and let some sunlight in.  So go read

Main_1280x540_1_ListenYeah…it’s entirely possible that will come up on our show tonight.

The third episode of our second year is going to have a full house.

We’re still not entirely convinced that business cards are ever going to go away, but the folks over at Spincard are going to take a run at convincing us…and you…that their app is the way to go.  Rifino from Valentine Distilling will be in to talk about what they’ve got going on.  Andre Arbelaez, President of the Hispanic IT Executive Council will be joining us to talk about their initiatives and his take on the industry here in the area.

So tune in tonight live from 9pm to 11pm to hear everything going on as it happens, and don’t forget that you can call in to chat with us during the show at 313.462.0107, or hit us up on Twitter at @ITinTheD.

nyeshowproLooking for details on the show?  Check out our Listen page at  Not sure how to listen live?  Got you covered with our How To Listen page at  Want to catch up on some past episodes?  They’re all here on our Show Archives page at  They’re all also out on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud and a few other places, but that’s all covered on our How To Listen page, too.

You can catch last week’s episode here:

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Reading material to keep you busy.  And we’ve got plenty.

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8LLZRWhat’s kind of funny is that even through the first part of last week, we were still struggling with whether or not to publish that one.  Laughably, one of the things that made me pull the trigger on it was an earlier post that bubbled up titled The Awkward Moment over at  You can’t run from an uncomfortable situation forever.  Better to just tackle it head-on and have it over with…one way or another.

Assumptions are a good way to kill your job search – there are five in this entry that you should absolutely avoid:

suck_lessOn that same front, here’s a good take on How Not To Suck at Looking for a Job

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Don’t forget that you can call in at 313.462.0107 during the show to ask questions or chime in on topics we’re talking about, and you can also hit us on Twitter at @ITintheD.  And then we’ll see you in a couple of weeks over at the Blackfinn.


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