IT In The D – Episode 46: Simply Social Media and Hell Yeah Detroit

IT in the D, episode 46.

Or “Season 2, Episode 2”.  Whatever.  I’m still trying to figure out if I really want to go back, edit and rename all of the old episodes…

We’ll see how that goes.

We had Julie from Simply Social Media in-studio as well as Jeremiah, Patrick and Nick from Daily Detroit.

And when Daily Detroit’s in the house…things are going to get a little weird…

Main_1280x540_1_Listen…and get weird, they did…but we’ll get to that in a moment.

From watching World Cup soccer in a ball full of hipsters before the show to the PF Chang’s hack and more, the opening segment was a good mix of topics as usual.

In our second segment, we hopped in with Julie from Simply Social Media to chat about Facebook engagement, why we still don’t understand Twitter and more.

10410272_411240285685150_5003484313439663959_nSegment three was all about the Daily Detroit guys…actually, it was mostly about Greedy Greg’s barbecue and the social / political dynamics around businesses in downtown Detroit, where the funds are, who knows where the help is, and where the system is broken.

…which totally bled over into the fourth segment…

…and even triggered the start of an unprecedented fifth segment.

So…yeah.  Things got weird.  And real.  Really weird.

But a great show as always, and you absolutely need to pay attention to this one to learn a little more about what’s going on around the area.

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10463982_10152150796573199_1607231001374566567_n– Our next event is Thursday, June 19th over at The Daily Post (formerly the Post Bar) in Novi at 5pm

– Simply Social Media is at

– Daily Detroit is at

– Their story on Greedy Greg’s is at

…and then the stories we discussed…or meant to discuss but didn’t get to…those are all to be found…

– Tesla opens up patents –, Nissan and BMW want to chat with them about universal standards,2817,2459554,00.asp
– Expedia announces they’ll accept Bitcoin
– …and the US Marshall’s office is about to auction off nearly 30,000 bitcoins (roughly $17.5 million worth) seized from Silk Road
– Feds to cops: “shut up about cell phone surveillance”;_ylt=AwrBJR4e65lTwmEAb7zQtDMD
– The IRS uses the equivalent of “the dog ate my homework”  (data retention and we’ve all been through losing stuff before….)
– PF Changs got hacked, has no idea what to do about it, and so they’ve got back to using old-school imprint machines for cards.
– Lawsuit against Linkedin for spamming user’s contacts rolls forward:
– The Nightmare on Connected Home Street (REALLY good read)
– Oh, and that was written by this guy – – who knows a little bit about how bad it can get.
– Civilians reactivating and pulling down a satellite from space?  Ummm…that doesn’t sound like the best idea…
– Dude that hacked Bush, Nicole Kidman, many other political figures and celebs gets indicted: