IT In The D – Episode 45:, DISYS, Creepy Technology and More

IT in the D, episode 45.

Or “Season 2, Episode 1”.

However you want to look at it, it was a pretty fun episode.

From Facebook getting all NSA about stuff to the gift shop at Ground Zero, from sweet cases made out of hockey sticks for your phone and into the local job market, tonight flowed pretty well, and actually got us back to some basics…

ep45One of these days, I’ll finally be “happy” with the intro and will stop messing with it…but yep, new intro, new breaks, new ending tonight…so listen all the way through so that at least I don’t feel like my OCD need to keep tweaking things isn’t going to a complete waste of time…

The first segment, as per usual, was all about news, updates, and items of interest that caught our eye.  Detailed links are down below.

Our second segment was all about Original Stix.

ProductShot1_1024x1024If you haven’t heard about them yet, you’re going to want to pay attention here.  VERY cool thing they’ve got going on, and it’s a combination of factors that make it so cool:

– They’re local.

– They do their manufacturing locally using a facility that helps get people back into the workforce.

– The material they use would otherwise wind up going into dumpsters and landfills across the area.

– It’s hockey sticks…for your cell phone.  It’s hard, durable, and actually protects your phone pretty well…which, laughably, Jeff proved out as we were leaving last night and he dropped his phone.

If you’re a hockey fan, or you’ve got a hockey fan in your life, this is absolutely a way cool thing you should have on your shopping list.  Check them out at

In our third segment, we got back to some basics by talking about the job market with Davina, a recruiter with DISYS.

From jobs in the area to a little bit about DISYS – who they are, what they do and where their focus is – a good chat and intro to another company that not too many people know about around here just yet.  Go check them out at

Our fourth and final segment doubled back on some earlier items that warranted a little more discussion, and just generally wrapped things up for the night.

As always, thank you for listening, and join us next week as we talk social media and more random news and information from the week.

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– There’s a gift shop at the 9/11 memorial:

– We’re not the only ones with a negative reaction to it:

– Facebook’s creepy new feature that wants to activate your mic:

– …but they’re trying to rationalize it:

– GM wants to be even creepier, and let you send texts to the unknown person in the car ahead of you…

– Want to block Glassholes from broadcasting? So do other people:

– Millions of smart TVs have an ugly vulnerability:

– More bad news for Lyft and Uber, this time from Virginia: