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Facebook is getting extremely NSA-ish with a new feature.  There’s a friggin’ gift shop at the 9/11 memorial.  An asteroid whipped by the Earth at around 2am this morning.  A big asteroid.  Like “a really big” asteroid.  Like “remember the movies Armageddon and Deep Impact?” kind of “big”.  It was about three times as far away as the Earth is from the Moon, but when you think about how big space in general is, that’s pretty close.

I’m sure we’ll chat about all that and more with our guests during tonight’s IT in the D live broadcast.

We’ve also got our next casual networking event for professionals in and around the metro Detroit information technology community coming up next week, some blog entries for you to check out on our site…which just got updated to a new look and feel, by the way, so stop by and check that out.  Our chats from Comic Con are up and live on Soundcloud.

Yeesh…we’ve got quite a bit to get to this time around, so let’s get started…

dailypostOur next event is next Thursday, June 19th and we’re heading more towards the west side to the place formerly known as The Post Novi, now known as The Daily Post.

Keep up with our events on our Facebook page – – or in our Meetup Group –

It’ll be good to get back more towards the west side of town, and it’s especially nice to have heard that the new owners have renovated the place and are trying to get it more in line with everything we always liked about the place.

So come on out and join us on the 19th.  Should be a great time.  As always, there’s no cover, no speakers, no agendas…just solid networking with some of the best and brightest folks here in the area.

logo_shield_onlyLast week’s IT in the D live broadcast was, umm, well…let’s go with “random”.  We talked Star Wars.  Bob ranted with the theme from the Godfather in the background about how driverless cars should be used.  Mark Larson from Falling Down Beer Company not only to provide the liquid fuel that powered Bob’s rant, but also to talk about an outstanding event they have going on this Sunday.  Which is Father’s Day.  And there’s not a dad I’ve talked with yet who doesn’t want to go to Falling Down’s event.  For details, you can check it out at

Missed it?  Not to worry.  As always, you can catch up through a whole bunch of different methods.  You can check out the full recap here on our site –, via Soundcloud, iTunes, and a few other ways.  For links to all of the different ways you can find us, including how to listen live, check out

You should totally listen live tonight, since I’m sure you’ll hear a little more ranting, but we’ve also got some great guests joining us in-studio.  We’ve got Terry Johnson of coming in to talk about the way cool phone cases they’ve got out in the market for the hockey fan in your life.  And then hey, remember how we used to have recruiters in to talk about the job market, what sort of gigs they’re hiring for, that sort of stuff?  Yeah, we do too, and we realized that amidst all of the fun we’ve been having with our in-studio guests…we kind of got away from that.  So we’re diving back in with Davina Beh of DISYS.

Again, not sure how to listen live?  Just hit for the details, and keep in mind that you can always interact with us live during our shows by calling in at 313.462.0107 or hitting us on Twitter at @ITintheD.

If you’re looking for some extra listening material that isn’t out on our site just yet, you can check out the chats and conversations we had with folks at Comic Con out on our Soundcloud page at  All in, it’s a little over an hour long, and includes our talks with folks ranging from Martin Kove and Billy Zabka from The Karate Kid to some local artists and even the good folks of Techshop Detroit.

999337_266863173456196_326721298_nAnd while we’re pretty much all booked up for the rest of June, we are always looking for guests who want to join us in-studio.  The requirements:

– You don’t HAVE to be “IT”. I mean, yes, we’re “the IT in the D” show, but if you’ve listened to us at all, you know we have guests in about all sorts of topics. Past guests have included, sure, recruiters, company owners, CEOs and CIOs, …but we’ve also had brewery owners, the guy behind a comic book convention, comedians, someone tackling a new way to run Mom to Mom sales, an internet tv studio startup, film makers, and all sorts of other randomness. Our primary goal is “people doing something fun and interesting in the area” above all else.

– We’re live from 9pm to 11pm on Monday nights. That’s got to work for you. From past experience, calling in doesn’t work out.

– We’re downtown. That’s got to work for you. Again, “calling in doesn’t work”.

– And by “downtown”, I don’t mean “We’re in the shiny happy business district”…the studio (and yep, it’s a real, honest to god studio) is inside the Russell Industrial Center (75 and Clay Ave), which looks COMPLETELY like the kind of building that’s featured in every “Saw” movie they’ve done…but relax, it’s safe. We’ve been doing this for almost a year now and never had a single problem.  They’ve filmed several movies there like the latest Transformers flick as well as the current fun of Batman vs Superman…so, seriously, it’s all good.

– The upside? We have a ton of fun with what we do, and our reach is steadily increasing. We’re getting more than 20,000 listeners to every episode these days, and we’ve got pockets of listeners in all 50 states…and even some international. The vast majority (85% – 90%) are right here in metro Detroit…and yes, we’re stunned that people in Nebraska are listening, too.

So, come on out and play.  We’re already getting requests for appearances out into August and even further, so drop me a message, and let’s get you on the schedule.

Looking for something to read?  We’ve got you covered.

yoda-slide-960x420The Path is live out at, and contains a lot of good information for people trying to figure out what they want to be doing…and it’s also, like everything we do, brutally honest.  We’re not here to sell you a feel-good class or be your best friend…we’re here to help.

Baby_Facepalm_PosterI’m spookily halfway convinced that there’s some ripple in The Force between our Monday night broadcasts and the plugin that’s installed here to bubble up old posts…because I swear it’s fully automated and we never touch it, but sure enough, we talked about The Cracker Barrel Conundrum during last Monday’s show…and it popped up a few days later.  So go give it a read at and check out the dream Bob and I have…as well as our loathing for political correctness.

In sales?  Want to know how to avoid sucking at it?  Good thing Bob wrote How Not to Suck at Sales

In other news, got a good piece of info in from David Giard that you might want to be aware of regarding Microsoft’s BizSpark program. It provides 3 years free software to qualifying startups who are building a software product or service. You can read details at He has enrollment codes to register people in minutes if they email him:  (

And since Sunday is Father’s Day…I have to share this video.  It’s a couple of years old, but it still makes me laugh every time I watch it.  You’re welcome:

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