We’re Hitting a Milestone…

Hard to believe that we’ve been doing our Monday night broadcasts for an entire year already.

But tonight’s the night.  We’re a whole year into this, and so tonight’s show will probably be a lot of reminiscing mixed in with the usual drinking, banter and chaos.

We’ve also got our next casual networking event taking place in a couple weeks, some blog entries for you to check out and the usual nonsense floating around our site and elsewhere is a little deeper this time since we took last week off from an update, so let’s go ahead and get this update rolling…

dailypostOur next event is Thursday, June 19th and we’re heading back to the place formerly known as The Post Novi, now known as The Daily Post.

Keep up with our events on our Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/ITinTheD – or in our Meetup Group – http://www.meetup.com/ITintheD/

It’ll be good to get back more towards the west side of town, and it’s especially nice to have heard that the new owners have renovated the place and are trying to get it more in line with everything we always liked about the place.

So come on out and join us on the 19th.  Should be a great time.

We’ll likely be out in the “garden” area, that huge outdoor room that was always really comfy and roomy enough for us, and with the weather getting nicer and nicer, it should be a great day to have the walls kicked open and enjoy the gathering.

1_Year_Later_BulletAs noted in the intro, tonight is the one year anniversary of our live broadcast of the IT in the D show on RawRadioX.com.  Not sure how to listen or what it’s all about?  Everything you need to know is here: http://www.ITintheD.com/listen/

We go live at 9pm, and you can listen to us rant, rave, discuss and mock current events, topics that caught our eye over the past couple of weeks, and just about anything else that comes to our minds while we’ve got mics in front of our faces.

Our last episode with MEDC and Secure-24 as our guests talking about programs the state of Michigan has going on like the MAT2 initiative that Secure-24 is a part of has a ton of great information in it.  You can catch that one here – http://www.itinthed.com/14337/it-in-the-d-episode-43/, or of course on our Show Archives page at http://www.itinthed.com/listen/it-in-the-d-show-archives/

Blog entries?

Oh sure…we’ve got some of those for you.

IMG_33383227600125The quickest way to get on our nerves is to be The Askhole.  Not sure what that is?  You should definitely read http://www.itinthed.com/14290/the-askhole/

The worlds of networking, job search, day to day job life and dating have more in common than you might think, and two entries that we wrote in The Dating Corollary category bubbled up recently.  An introduction to the topic can be found at http://www.itinthed.com/3361/the-dating-corollary-introduction/, and then “It’s not you, it’s me” is over at http://www.itinthed.com/3671/the-dating-corollary-its-not-you-its-me-hint-its-you/

Pants On Fire Guy is over at http://www.itinthed.com/4849/dont-be-that-guy-pants-on-fire-guy/, and dives into why it’s a really, really bad idea to, ahem, “enhance” your resume.

Non-compete agreements really just need to go away already.  I mean, is a lobotomy really necessary?  The Lobotomizer is at http://www.itinthed.com/4814/the-lobotomizer/

wooden_toy_shape_sorter_block_box2-450x295Lessons from a Child’s Toy was written right before our very first Pink Slip Party back in 2009, and still holds true today with some good advice: http://www.itinthed.com/30/lessons-from-a-childs-toy/

The links for our LinkedIn group, Facebook, Twitter, etc., are all down below.  Click ’em and join, like or follow us as appropriate…and then join us live tonight for our broadcast starting at 9pm.

Don’t forget that you can call in at 313.462.0107 during the show to ask questions or chime in on topics we’re talking about, and you can also hit us on Twitter at @ITintheD


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