Uber. Digerati Girls. Hell Yeah Detroit. Networking Event Thursday. Comic Con This Weekend…

…we picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

This week’s going to be absolutely insane, and the odds are better than even that at least one of the three of us won’t make it to the broadcast on the 19th.

We’ve got Episode 42 of our live IT in the D broadcast tonight, and then a casual networking event at a new place on Thursday night, aaaaaaaaand thennnnnnn Motor City Comic Con all weekend hunting down more drops from 80s celebrities for our show intro so that we can achieve our goal of having the entire first segment be nothing but the intro.

So, basically, out of the next seven days, we’re going to be together for like five of them.  If you’ve ever spent any prolonged periods of time around us, then you already know that nothing good can come of this…

1075538_224435511088930_5866401663173497650_oBut let’s start things off with our next casual networking event for professionals in and around the metro Detroit information technology community.  That takes place this Thursday, May 15th.  We’re going to be all hip and cool and trendy this time around (I know, I’m laughing even as I write that) and check out a new place that’s just opened up named The Stray Cat Lounge.

Great place, extensive scotch selection, lots of great craft beers, cool atmosphere…really looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Keep up with our events on our Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/ITinTheD – or in our Meetup Group – http://www.meetup.com/ITintheD/

We’ve got our June, July and August events published out and announced as well.  Some old haunts and some new places to check out…and an old face with a new name.  A little bit of everything in the coming months, so definitely check things out and see where we’ll be and what we’re up to.

Main_440x185_1_ListenTonight we go live at 9pm with episode 42 of our IT in the D show.

We’re joined by Mike White, GM of Uber to talk about what they’ve got going on and discuss some of the topics that have been swirling around lately.  We’ve also got Monica Wheat coming in to talk about Digerati Girls helping women get more involved in technology and digital marketing careers.

Rumor has it the Daily Detroit guys will be popping on by again.  That always makes for an interesting night and discussion flow.

And then, of course, ranting.  It wouldn’t be “us” without a little bit of ranting, and there have been some stories this past week that are definitely worth talking about in our opening segment.

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You can catch last week’s episode with Templar Gaming and a chat about the National Day of Civic Hacking here: http://www.itinthed.com/14266/it-in-the-d-episode-41/

mccc2014logo5And then, of course, this weekend is Motor City Comic Con.  We’ll be there Friday, Saturday and Sunday roaming around hunting down celebrities from 80s movies and tv shows for more drops for our opening intro.

Billy Zabka and Martin Kove from The Karate Kid.

Drea de Matteo from The Sopranos.

Joey Lauren Adams from Chasing Amy.

Brittany Daniel from Joe Dirt.

Honestly, we can’t wait.  We’re giggling idiots…well, more so than even usual.

You might have had some of the same concerns as we did after last year’s fiascos with parking, lines that wrapped around the building for hours on end and more…so we really encourage you to check out this segment from our show a couple of weeks ago when we chatted with Michael Goldman, the man behind Motor City Comic Con, where we specifically asked about those past issues and their plans to make things run smoother this year:

Blog entries?  Sure, got a few of those for you as well:

fallen_angelsDon’t Be That Guy, The Fallen Angel is…a more “polished” version of a rant that will forever exist only in draft form.  Head on over to http://www.itinthed.com/3061/the-fallen-angel/ and check out why we’re fairly careful and guarded about how we portray ourselves…and more importantly how others view us.

You can learn a lot from Suh of the Detroit Lions…specifically what not to do when it comes to your career.  You can check that out over at http://www.itinthed.com/14233/dont-be-that-guy-suh-suh-suhdio/

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That’s all for this time folks.

Listen live tonight, and we’ll see you Thursday night at Stray Cat Lounge!


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