IT In The D – Episode 41: Templar Gaming, Civic Day of Hacking, Porn, Banking and More

IT in the D, Episode 41.

Another great episode, that wandered a bit, and yet hit on some great information for things in the area.

With Templar Games in studio, a chat about the National Day of Civic Hacking, and various topics like how the Department of Justice is doing some odd things with banks…

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The National Day of Civic Hacking can be found at

– Target CEO out:

– The White House correspondents dinner.  Anyone watch?  Anyone care?

– Netflix and Amazon prime announce “release dates” now?

– EFF launches “privacy badger” for FF and Chome:

– Foursquare splits into two apps – Foursquare and Swarm:

– “find my phone” apps lead to confrontations…is this REALLY a good idea?

– Why does “Swipe” make as many as 4,000 location requests every day?

– Microsoft is fixing that security hole in XP after all:

– Osama Bin Laden whacked 3 years ago today.  Catching up with the guy who live-tweeted it all:

– Is the DOJ’s “operation choke point” forcing banks to shut down accounts belonging to pr0n stars, escort services, dating services, ammunition sales, etc.?

– The price you pay to stream a movie will depend on your screen size…

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