IT In The D – Episode 39: Comic Con, Roller Derby, Assemble Detroit and More

IT in the D, Episode 39…another rant to kick things off, this one based on a stunning revelation that came our way last week about a group member.

Then we dove into the 2014 Motor City Comic Con, roller derby, the Assemble Detroit event tomorrow night and a whole bunch more.

Lots of fun this time around, as well as some great information, so let’s go ahead and dive in…

ep39Our first segment usually kicks off with introductions, some light banter, and then a back and forth banter about news items that have caught our eye over the previous week, but, well, this time there was a rant to be handled right at the top of the show, and so away we went.

We got a call from Michael Goldman of Motor City Comic Con, and so we dove on in with what to expect from this year’s event, and the changes that have been made since last year’s fairly well publicized issues with traffic and parking.  Good to hear they’ve got things tuned up a bit this year, and we’re really looking forward to being on-site May 16-18 to check everything out.

The big guest this year is William Shatner, and you can read their press release here: Motor City Comic Con 2014_William Shatner_Press Release

Details and tickets can be found on the site at

1656407_635970923136754_2063321688_nIn our second segment, we flipped over to the Eastside Derby Girls to talk about their Star Wars themed event on May 4th…that it’s a safe bet you’ll be able to find us at.

You can find them at or on Facebook at

May the FOURTH Be With You

Come join us as we Celebrate May the Fourth Be With You! Star Wars themed games, featuring a women’s and a men’s game!

As this is a double header, each game will have 20 minute halves… and of course we would love to see you in costume too!

Grab a soda, mixed drink or a beer and cheer on your favorite skater!

Please join Eastside Derby Girls at: 
The New Rink
50625 Van Dyke Ave 
Shelby Township, MI 48317
(586) 731-5006

Tickets In Person:
At the door – $12 Cash or $13 Credit Card
Kids 12 & under are free

After party at:
Coachman’s Lounge
Only THREE LEFT turns from The New Rink!!
5491 Auburn Rd
Shelby Twp, MI 48317
(586) 731-0531

In our third segment, we chatted with the Assemble Detroit guys, and their event tomorrow…well, “tonight” now, I suppose.

They’re trying to do some very cool things with getting solid discussions going on downtown, and so if you’ve got the chance, you should absolutely get over to the DSO and check them out.

Details can be found in this attachment: SpeakerSeries_Tech

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To recap the various discussion points from throughout the night…both the ones we hit and the ones we didn’t manage to get to…

You can find us at, on Facebook at, on Meetup at, and on Twitter at

The Assemble Detroit event can be found at

The Eastside Derby Girls are at or on Facebook at

Holes the size of a pizza?  A mulligan on every hole?  Sure, golf is hard…but do we really need to dumb it down?

$50 3d printed hand works better and is more comfortable than a $42,000 prosthetic replacement:
Save the world with biofuels!  Oh wait, they’re actually WORSE for the environment…
Science teacher suspended because two students’ science fair projects were labeled “dangerous”
Wait…so you drain 38 MILLION gallons of water…because some kid peed in it?  Really?  Are you THAT bad at math?
Oh goodie…the dark net now has a Google:
Why is everyone building data centers…in Iowa?  Is this where our listeners are coming from?!