Live Broadcast Tonight: Star Wars, roller derby, Detroit and tech, tons more

Nothing like a little last-minute guest swapping to kick the week off in a fun gear.

As the dust settled, we’ve got some pretty diverse and interesting guests joining us in-studio tonight…as well as some topics we’re chomping at the bit to get into on the air, so listen live!

I’m sure we’ll touch on our event this past Thursday night at BlackFinn, as well as our May event.

We’ve got a variety of blog entries for you to check out, and chatter galore going on in our LinkedIn group, so let’s get started…

IMG_20140417_183507_131Our next casual networking event for professionals in and around the metro Detroit information technology community will be on Thursday, May 15th.  We’re just finalizing a few details with the venue, so look for a “real” announcement shortly about location.

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Had a great night this past Thursday at BlackFinn.  It’s rare that we’re packed full at 5:05pm…but it happened.

Phenomenal turnout.  LOTS of new faces – new recruiters, new people looking for gigs, and even some folks just showing up to meet others in the area.  Exactly what we always hope for.

mnmTonight we’re coming at you live with episode 39 of our IT in the D broadcast.

Our guests tonight include The Eastside Derby Girls (EDG) talking about their upcoming event on May 4th.

May the Fourth.

Of course it’s a Star Wars themed event, people!  Roller derby and Star Wars…what more can you ask for?

Speaking of Star Wars, we’re expecting a chat with the man behind Motor City Comic Con tonight.  That’s about a month away, so it should be a good, timely talk.

Not content to stop there, we’re also being joined by the folks behind a series of events called Assemble@TheMax. ASSEMBLE@TheMax is a Speaker Series that brings global thought leaders in urbanism to Detroit to engage with local leaders. Each speaking event is tied to a set of meetings with local innovators and talks are captured on video for an online archive that promotes the ASSEMBLE platform.

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Blogs?  Sure, we’ve got some entries for you.

SpeakerphonePhilRemember the Garbage Pail Kids?  We do.  And unfortunately, some of them grew up to be Garbage Pail Colleagues, like the ones out at

Yes, our events happen in bars…that doesn’t mean you need to wind up being Drunk Guy.  And by “you”, we mean “us” too.  Read

Listen to what people say…but pay way more attention to what they actually do.  That’s the foundation of Crazy Dave’s House of Deals out at

At the start of 2002, a festering boil came to a head…and we’re not that far off from it happening again, actually.  So go check out The Pimple…and brace yourselves.

The IT in the D LinkedIn group is still steadily growing…we’re closing in on 5,000 members at a fairly normalized clip.

That’s where you’ll find discussions, jobs being posted by recruiters who come to our events, and all sorts of fun.

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