IT in the D, Episode 36: WTF is Bitcoin and Hell Yeah Detroit

IT in the D, Episode 36

We’re joined in studio by Mike Dennis, who valiantly tried to help us understand WTF bitcoin is all about, and the Daily Detroit guys to talk about their stories and the blurring of lines between bloggers and journalists.

And it was Opening Day downtown, so there might have been some drinking involved.  I know, that shocks you greatly, so listen on for the fun…

10154600_10203553819228508_17209269_nAs always, in our first segment, we wandered through introductions and chatter, discussing some of the news stories from the prior week that have caught our attention.

Our second segment was all about bitcoin – what it is, how you get ’em, how they relate to real money…and we left Bob more confused than when we started.

Our third segment hopped into Daily Detroit and their really cool story about taking a bicycle trip across 8 mile, and then about the lines blurring between bloggers and journalists…and why that matters.

The fourth and final segment doubled back on a few earlier topics and introduced some new ones as we closed out the night.

Mike can be found on Twitter at

Daily Detroit can be found online at and on Facebook at

The rebranding email and notes:

Yesterday’s blast:

Here are the topics we had on “The List”…some we got to, some we didn’t, but all were interesting enough to warrant a look by us, and so we’re sharing them here with you as well:

– Cops in San Antonio may now arrest Uber-X and Lyft drivers:

– Los Angeles sends cease and desist notes to Uber and Lyft:

– Darth Vader runs for President:

– Middle school kid figures out how to save governments millions of dollars…by changing the font they use:

– Facebook using drones and lasers to extend the reach of the internet:

– Twitspotting throws pics of distracted drivers up on billboards:

And that’s a wrap.  Tune in next week when we’ll have the founders of One Month Apps in studio as well as Zing wireless.  Should be another great show!

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