IT in the D, Episode 34: Brightwing, Russ’ Ethiopian Adventure, Random Celebrities

IT in the D, Episode 34.

For those listening last week, Bob was horrified when he realized that last Monday being the 10th meant that this Monday was the 17th, and so we’d be in the studio on St Patrick’s Day.

We’re all very proud of him for struggling through.

Some great guests also made it in-studio with us on this greenest of days, including Gary, Elyse and April from Brightwing, our old buddy Russ Dotson who’s back on leave for a couple weeks from his deployment overseas, and Adam from the DLux Expo popped in for a segment, which resulted in a couple rather random celebrity phone calls into the show.

All in all, a great night…so on with the recap…

IMG_20140317_230234_802As the St Patrick’s Day filled intro closed out, in our first segment, as always, we dove into a some news and topics that have caught our eye.

Naturally, we covered our own latest updates right off the bat.  The new website, the new look and feel, the name change to IT in the D, the new branding, and of course our Pink Slip Party event…all of which happened on Thursday, 3/13.

Surprisingly, St Andrews Hall was getting phone calls well into Saturday from people asking when our next event was.  Guess it’ll be interesting to see how our event on 4/17 at the newly remodeled BlackFinn in Royal Oak goes.

After that, we talked about the obvious topic – St Patrick’s Day.  Specifically, that we’re all apparently too old now, because we really just don’t care about it any more.  None of us took the day off.  We didn’t head off to Chicago for a long weekend bender.  We mocked the people in line at 6am to be the first people in Old Shillelagh…when, yeah, we were those guys for years.

1920558_370951366380709_315554370_nThe latest on the Malaysian Airlines plane’s disappearance, complete with tons of conspiracy theories already flying around, got touched on.  We also talked about the NSA putting out fake Facebook servers, the measles outbreak in New York City (thanks, Jenny McCarthy), and even the impending insanity of March Madness, Warren Buffet’s billion dollar bracket…and why Warren Buffet says you’re an idiot if you enter it…not to mention the insane amount of phone calls you’re setting yourself up for by handing all of that information over to Quicken…

Good fun.

Our second segment got into the DLux Expo with Adam Lux.  Adam’s the guy behind the DLux Expo that’s taking place the last weekend of this month that you should totally plan on attending…and who was on our show a couple of weeks ago when we had a spectacular level of technical difficulties.

Movies, comics, pop culture stars, wrestlers, martial artists, ninja turtles…there’s a little bit of everything that weekend.

He even managed to have a few celebrities who will be at the event call in to the show last night.  Ernie Reyes Jr and Ernest “The Cat” Miller called in to talk The Last Dragon, life as a professional wrestler…who also filmed the movie The Wrestler with Mickey Rourke, and of course the conference at the end of the month.

brightwing1Segment three was all about Brightwing.

The jobs they’re hiring for (which includes both talent and recruiters, by the way), what they’re seeing in the market, new gigs and people moving downtown, and what they’ve got going on these days.

Great company, and we definitely appreciate that they’ve been supporters of our last couple of Pink Slip Party events.  So if you’re in the market, or thinking about looking, go see what they’ve got to offer and talk with one of their recruiters.

1555373_338380992971080_1285721423_nIn our last segment, we dove in with Russ Dotson.

As most of you who have been around the group for a while know, Russ is the guy who helped us organize our first few “Support the Troops” events.

He’s been away from our events for a while, because he got re-activated and deployed overseas.

So he’s been in Ethiopia for the last six months or so, but is back in town on leave for two weeks and for some reason decided to spend one of his nights back home with us.

It was great having him in-studio with us, hanging out, and letting us ask stupid questions about what he does every day…because, well, we’re about exactly as clueless about military life and Ethiopia as you’d expect we are.

And with that, our 34th episode came to a close.

Tune in next week when we’ll have Neil Nosakowski of Activ8 Gaming and the folks from Go Comedy Improv in Ferndale in-studio with us.


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