Geeks, Guinness, Gigs & The Glow Live Tonight and More


Well, here we go.

The first live broadcast of IT in the D…as IT in the D.

Tonight should be a really great show, since we’ve got some cool guests coming in-studio to join us and…


You thought we wouldn’t be doing a show tonight because it’s St Patrick’s Day?  You clearly haven’t heard our show before…

kday2There will be beer.  Guinness, to be specific.  Oh, we’ll probably have some PBR floating around as well, but some traditions outweigh others.

Besides…it’s amateur night, people.

At least that’s what we’re telling ourselves to keep from feeling old.

Guests?  Believe it or not, we’ve got guests coming in with us as well tonight.

Yes, some brave souls are spending the evening with us in-studio (disclaimer: and at a bar beforehand) on this greenest of days.

We’ve got one of the sponsors from our 3/13 Pink Slip Party this past Thursday, Brightwing, joining us to chat about everything they’ve got going on, what the market looks like, and who they’re looking for these days.

nyeshowproAdam D Luxe of the DLux Expo will be joining us again, hoping to make up a little lost ground after the debacle with the stream and recording that we had a couple of weeks back.  So…yeah…that might mean we have a surprise caller or two throughout the night again.

Perhaps the coolest guest coming in though is Russ Dotson.  He’s been deployed for a while now, even calling in from Ethiopia while over there, but he’s back home for a couple of weeks and graciously agreed to waste spend some of that time with us chatting about how things are over there, wild donkeys roaming the streets, and why you don’t mess with hippos.

No seriously, apparently hippos are bad news.

Anyway, so…as you can see, pretty full studio tonight, which means the conversations are going to be flying fast and it’s going to be a wild ride.

So listen live!

Don’t know how?  Everything you need to know is right here:

Want to catch up on past episodes?  Oh, do we have options for you:


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